309 – 12x ROI With These Facebook Marketing Tips By Ignoring All The Rules With Nick May Of Walls by Design

309 – 12x ROI With These Facebook Marketing Tips By Ignoring All The Rules With Nick May Of Walls by Design

I love a Facebook marketing tip (or two), and a motivated small business owner who absolutely respects the power of helpful marketing.

Nick May of Walls by Design is mixing the old with the new. He has managed to get a 12X ROI on his Facebook marketing spend plus a 45% ROI on an old school direct mail campaign. Not to mention countless PR opportunities and recognition from his podcast The Chase Lounge. Oh, and he’s a long time listener of Australia’s number 1 small business marketing show and a forum member… coincidence?

Nick is the 309th successful small business owner I have interviewed and there’s one thing that links them all and that is their respect for marketing. You have to have respect for the marketing of your small business because it’s marketing that can make all the difference.

In this fireside chat Nick and I uncover:

  • His unconventional strategy that is returning 12X ROI from Facebook
  • How his podcast has revolutionised his brand
  • The power of resilience and persistence in business
  • What creativity means in small business

Plus I get on my soapbox about some hate mail from my Outsourcing to the Philippines podcast and upcoming tour. Read all about why you should consider outsourcing to the Philippines.



00:34 Welcome & overview
03:00  I get on my soap box
05:34  Today’s guest introduction – Nick May of Walls by Design
11:48  Interview with Nick May – Part 1
29:19  Insights in to Netregistry & Key Person Of Influence
31:07  Interview with Nick May – Part 2
48:10  My top 3 attention grabbers from my chat with Nick May
50:08  Motivational marketing quote of the week
50:40  Wrap-up and insights in to next week’s guests




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Walls by Design’s official website

Walls by Design Facebook Page

Why you should consider outsourcing to the Philippines

Episode 308 on how to free up cash and time by outsourcing to the Philippines

Buy Timbo’s new marketing book The Boomerang Effect




  1. If you want to make your marketing fly, then watch less TV.
  2. Persevere. It took Nick 8 months to see a return from his podcast, but now it’s paying off in spades, in ways he never imagined.
    As the saying goes, “The man who planted a seed yesterday, is sitting under a tree today.”
  3. Don’t think all your marketing answers are online. And don’t think they’re all offline. Mix it up – enjoy mixing the old school ways with those of the modern world of marketing.





Marketing doyon Philip Kotler once said …

“Marketing is not the art of finding clever ways
to dispose of what you make. It is the art of creating
genuine customer value.”




What was your biggest marketing learning or ah-ha moment from this episode?

Leave your comment below.

My guest and I respond to each and every comment.


10 thoughts on “309 – 12x ROI With These Facebook Marketing Tips By Ignoring All The Rules With Nick May Of Walls by Design”

  1. Natalie Wischer

    Another inspirational podcast Timbo. Your interview with Nick has inspired me again to get the podcast concept out of the too hard box and start lining up the star studded experts I meet with in the normal course of my work week. Value adding!!! I will also do some video recording of these sessions to use some grabs for YouTube – I think you call it re-purposing – see I have been listening to you!

    Now I am about to jump on my soapbox…

    I was one of the group members that travelled to the Philippines to look into outsourcing on the “Rocking the Boat” tour last year with Timbo and David Warne. I did it because I was “working in my business, not on my business” but could not have afforded to pay someone in Australia to help start my small business venture, and therefore I would have had to give it up, but instead, I was able to grow it into something that employed people in Australia and the Philippines.

    For me, had I not bought in some expertise that I could afford, I would not have been able to achieve what I have. Now I use some Australian based companies but continue to outsource for other jobs.

    Whilst on the tour I met with the local and beautiful Filipino people and saw how hard working, honest and dedicated they were. The poverty in some parts of the country also needs to be understood and experienced and knowing that employing people in the Philippines helps to put food in families mouths and shelter over their heads is a good thing (the photo below is of one of David’s proud employee’s).

    So in summary, we can have and do it all! We can keep jobs in Australia but also provide jobs, food and purpose to other global citizens. As Timbo says, there is enough to go around and I for one am happy to share my jobs and money to those worthy of it, no matter where they live.

    Off my soapbox now and thanks Timbo for continuing to inspire the global citizens around the world with your personal insights and experiences and those of your guests.


  2. Sean Sullivan

    Timbo great interview. Nick awesome interview. It was great to hear a true and detailed account from someone that has put into action ideas that have come directly from this podcast and from inside your forum. The massive back catalogue of marketing ideas here is truly a gold mine.

    Nick you have inspired me personally and the direct result this past week has been a massive output of quality material, including the pitching, funding and creation of a new business in a new country.

    Outsourcing is not a new evil it’s been around forever in one form or another. Offshoring is just expanding the outsourcing pool, there is no black magic in that either. It’s important for the Australian, US and any other economy and is well and truly here to stay.

  3. Jess Chapman


    I generally don’t manage to leave comments as the road I drive whilst listening to your podcasts is an hour long, with no phone coverage. But as I write this, I’m 20min into my drive and I’ll pulled over to type this into my Notes – as it has really irked me.
    You can add another pissed off listener to your list. But I’m not annoyed at you; I’m annoyed at all of those employees/employers who are against outsourcing.
    To me it’s very simple to explain.
    I own a horse riding business, so i will never outsource 100% of my staff overseas. Physically impossible.
    I got a very clear look at this late last year when I realised I was suffering very badly from business owner burnout. I was trying to do all the little jobs, and they were not only keeping me from growing the business – but they were draining my will to be self employed. I was seriously considering going back to my old Monday to Friday job and downsizing the horse riding business.
    I currently employ 3 people casually. I want to grow this to 2 full time and 2 casual. There are two ways this business could go from here, the way I see it:
    #1 – I continue doing everything myself, and either suffer from burnout and close the business therefore sacking everyone, or stop growing.
    #2 – I learn to outsource the smaller jobs that I know I financially couldn’t pay someone in Australia to do, and therefore produce more jobs within my business for Australians.

    The choice is pretty clear to me.

  4. Jess, I nearly had a heart attack when I read your second paragraph about “… another pissed off listener…” Not another one! Luckily (for me) I read on 🙂 You know exactly what needs to be done and I have no doubt you’ll do it. David Warne (of Sydney Tall Ships) was in exactly the same position – he moved everything but his ships and crew to The Philippines. Now it’s all smooth sailing – excuse the pun ;0) You can do the same and reap the rewards.

  5. Great insights, Sean. Nice work, BTW, on pitching, funding and creating a new business in a new country in one week. You’re a machine! And I don’t mean love machine ;0)

  6. Nat, I’m loving your work. And please, please, please get that podcast of yours out of the to hard basket and share your insights with the world. You’re doing yourself and your potential listener base a disservice by not ;0)

  7. Good to hear Sean. You never know what will come of your marketing. As I type this, I am in New York. Why? Because of my podcast. Have met some amazing people. This podcast has become a business of its own now. Keep trying things, but don’t be afraid to stop something that does not work.

  8. “This podcast has become a business of its own.” <- Music to my ears, Nick. Many reading this will think "Ah, it could never happen to me" but that's just not true. Create it, do it well and often, and they will come. Love your work, buddy.

  9. Diane Campbell

    Hi, I’m new here. My name is Diane and I’m a gift basket business owner http://www.GratitudeGoodies.com in the Atlanta GA area. I’m really excited to have found this podcast because marketing is something I’m always trying to improve on. I loved listening to what Nick had to say about marketing his business. There is lots to learn. I’ll be listening in to all of these podcasts because as the owner you sometimes feel alone in your thoughts about this stuff. This is a great place to get new ideas and to re-energize my mind and creative thinking. Thanks a bunch. Diane

  10. Hi Diane. I’m glad you took something away from the show. I’m not sure everyone can look at marketing their business as a hobby, but I sure do. It’s like a big game that never ends! I love it.

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