Fred Upton – Australia’s Best Small Business Marketer.

Fred Upton knocked on my door today.

He’s one of Australia’s best small business marketers.

68 years old, covered in tatts, absolute salt of the earth fella.

He asked me if I wanted a quote to have my windows cleaned and gutters cleared.

Sure, I said.

So he pulls out his ladder, his 3 year old 64-page faint-ruled exercise book and a pencil from behind his ear.

10-minutes later he’s back with a written (bloody reasonable) quote on a bit of paper he’d ripped out of his 3 year old 64-page faint-ruled exercise book, apologizing that he’d run out of business cards.

He tells me he can do the work within the next two weeks and just needs a couple of days notice.

We have a chat, I get to know him and build trust then he excuses himself as he’s got more doors to knock on.

I love Fred. He keeps it simple.

I didn’t bother asking if he was on Twitter. Or had a website. He’s too busy ;0)

Postscript – It’s just over a week since I wrote this post and Fred just knocked on my door again. On a Sunday! I commented that he worked hard. His reply – “If you don’t change it, you don’t get it.” I love Fred’s attitude. (And know, he’s not pushy at all).

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  1. Someone once said that success is most commonly disguised in overalls and carries a shovel. Or something to that extent…

    Fred sounds like a top bloke who has got it right, unlike the usual type that knock on your door. 🙂

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