#123 Funny Business 5 – Goofing off, doing business in cafes & how to overcome setbacks.

#123 Funny Business 5 – Goofing off, doing business in cafes & how to overcome setbacks.

Yep, it’s that time of the month when all business becomes funny business. A chance for Tim Reid (Australia’s #1 small business podcaster) and Andrew Griffiths (Australia’s #1 small business author) to get together and throw around some issues that are on the collective mind of the small business community. In this month’s episode we discuss:

  1. Doing business in cafes.
  2. Whether it’s OK for us small business owners to goof off.
  3. Whether you can give away too much knowledge.
  4. How to overcome business setbacks (BTW … in the last two weeks AG’s business has been exposed to a natural disaster and he lost his bags for a few hours in a Sydney taxi!).

PLUS I tackle a listener question that came in from a long-time supporter in Gino, who among other things, feels that the show is full of lots of talking about the individual which has very little to do with marketing. Tune in to see what I have to ay about that!!

Tim Reid and Andrew Griffiths

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4 thoughts on “#123 Funny Business 5 – Goofing off, doing business in cafes & how to overcome setbacks.”

  1. I love your podcast! Thanks so much for all your tips, advice, and zen-like marketing nous. I’m a graphic designer, who is implementing your advice for my clients – adding so much value to their experience!

  2. Thanks for tuning in Adam … and I’m glad we’re making a difference to the marketing of your business. Cheers Timbo.

  3. Hey Tim, thanks again.. I was “goofing off” when I was listening to this podcast, that is I was out walking the dogs. Getting exercise and absorbing information and ideas/inspiration. There is plenty of evidence that taking regular breaks and chunking work is more productive than just non stop activity, or worse “multi-tasking”. I have a timer on my phone that I can set to give me 25 minutes of work, then 2-3 minutes of a break. That and taking time out to exercise, or play with the dogs does wonders for my mental state while working for myself, and I am far more productive as a result. That said, I do find that putting aside a few hours to focus on just one thing is way more productive than switching tasks every 25 minutes. Finding the right balance is ongoing.

    In regards to your focusing too much on the guests and not just the marketing, I think this is what makes your interviews more interesting and inspirational. I don’t listen to SBBM to just get dry and practical business advice (Although there are always plenty of gold nuggets!). Small business is not just about marketing, sales and profits… the beauty of small business is that it’s more personal and intimate than big business. It’s one of our biggest competitive edges. Just my thought. Keep up the good work mate.

  4. Hi Timbo and AG, great podcast again. One section that particularly resonated with me was when AG was talking about how marketing can be used in risk management. In particular what marketing response can be prepared in advance should a less then desirable event occur.

    This is the core of sounds risk management – as a Project Manager we are managing risks daily. It is good to see you creative marketing types can still get your hands dirty (so to speak) 🙂

    Anyway mate, my latest blog article “Qualitative Risk Management” is a simple no- nonsense guide to simple yet effective risk management that your readers might find of interest – there is also a free risk management template they can download and use! Project Risk Management Using Qualitative Analysis Don’t worry, the title makes it sound much more complicated than it actually is!

    Chris O

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