SBBM #7 – How to Get Connected and Build Your Business

SBBM #7 – How to Get Connected and Build Your Business

IggySocial Media guru, author of the best-seller Connection Generation and all round nice Guy Iggy Pintado is in the hot seat for this episode. Having held senior marketing positions with Telstra and IBM, Iggy has now decided to spend his life connecting and showing others how to connect for the benefit of building your business and personal brand…both online and off. Iggy shares with us why it’s so important to be connected in this day and age…and how you can do it simply and easily. And we break the silence on ‘On-Hold’ music once and for all. Whilst completely unrelated to anything Iggy speaks of, we felt it necessary to address this disturbing marketing trend. Oh, and Iggy also has kindly given us 3 signed and personalised books to give away. So…get listening!

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How to Get Connected and Build Your Business (PDF Transcription)

3 thoughts on “SBBM #7 – How to Get Connected and Build Your Business”

  1. Luke and Tim,

    Thanks for the opportunity to be interviewed by two of the best marketers in Australia. I really enjoyed it and hope your listeners do too!

    Cheers, Iggy

  2. Thanks for sharing this post. Sucessful buisness marketing can be done by educating and entertaining people. Telephonic marketing and Television marketing has become very famous.Educating people through marketing campaigns really works and is very effective as people are hungry for knowledge. If you have resource, talent and right knowledge you will be successful in creating a good entertaining ad. For more details refer

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