Guerilla Sandwich Board Marketing

Sandwich Board Marketing

Driving through a suburban shopping strip the other day I passed this Yogo studio sign, attached to the back of an old Posty bike.

Local city councils require you to apply for a permit to place a sandwich board on a footpath. I’m guessing they wouldn’t allow this business to place a sandwich board on the opposite side of the road to where the business premis is. So this small business owner has done some thinking outside the box and come up with a clever guerilla tactic to getting their sandwich board on the footpath.

Now in the state of Victoria it is legal to park your motorbike on the footpath (unless otherwise stated). So, buy a cheap motorbike, attach some signage to the back and voila – guerilla sandwich board!

I’m guessing a old posty bike would cost $500 – $1000, and the signage might be a couple of hundred. The street is very busy in the morning and afternoon with hundreds if not thousands of cars passing this spot on a daily basis.

Hats off to this Yoga Studio owner!

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