244 – How can I get millions of views on YouTube? Great question. Listen in as someone who’s done it explains how.

244 – How can I get millions of views on YouTube? Great question. Listen in as someone who’s done it explains how.

“How can I get millions of views on YouTube?” A question many a marketer has asked.

Well, today’s guest created a simple video about How To Tie A Tie, which has 25 million views, however sales just aren’t what they should be. Mmmmmm, what’s goin’ on?!

Ben Buie is the owner of My Nice Tie, an online retail store (hit him up on Twitter @MyNiceTie – I love it when you guys do that), but he’s also the creator of a YouTube video cleverly titled How To Tie A Tie, that has over 25 million views!

Now this video is no Hollywood production. Ben is no Spielberg. He’s standing in front of a bright green curtain and he even uses some clip art in one of the opening frames.

But he’s still got 25 million views!

I came across Ben when I was scooting around YouTube looking at the plethora of HOW TO videos that are on there.

(As an aside, HOW TO is the most searched prefix on YouTube).

So I found Ben’s video, saw the crazy amount of views it has, loved the fact that it so seamlessly linked back to his online tie store, and then made the immediate (and very immature) assumption (rightly or wrongly) that he must be making bucket loads of cash!

I contacted Ben, and did a pre-interview, which is where I get to know my guest before the actual interview. It was during our pre-interview that Ben revealed he’s making $25,000 a year from his video. He then he went on to say “From what I’ve told you about the biz, it probably looks bigger than it is …”], which I think was his humble way of saying “Do you still want to interview me?”

Well, I gotta be honest with you, I did hesitate and wonder whether Ben was the right guest for the show. Don’t get me wrong, 25 large is still a lot of dough in anyone’s book, but I was expecting a much bigger number. I even asked the question on this show’s Facebook page to make sure I wasn’t living in a bubble!

Anyway, I quickly came to my senses realising that Ben’s actually created some terrific marketing by producing that video, it just hasn’t translated in to significant sales. Yet!
So, I’m happy to say the interview went ahead.

Plus I share some insights in to my new sound bed thanks to Lachy Doley, I give you reason to be excited about next week’s interview, and share a marketing quote from Coco Chanel!

Yep, it’s another big episode to add to The Small Business Big Marketing Show’s archives.


Episode Timeline

  • 00:29  Welcome and overview of today’s episode
  • 02:28  Insights in to this show’s new sound bed
  • 04:29  Listener and Forum Member testimonial
  • 05:42  I introduce today’s guest Ben Buie of How To Tie A Tie
  • 08:20  Interview with Ben Buie – Part 1
  • 15:58  Online marketing tips from Netregistry & Audible
  • 17:36  Interview with Ben Buie – Part 2
  • 26:39  My top 3 learnings from my interview with Ben
  • 28:01  Motivational marketing quote of the week
  • 28:13  Wrap-up and insight into next week’s guest

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My Top 3 Marketing Tips from my chat with Ben Buie of How To Tie A Tie:

  1. Create some HOW TO videos to drive enquiry, website traffic and maybe even passive income.
  2. It’s not too late to embark on a video, podcasting or blogging marketing strategy.
  3. Don’t mix stripes and checks. It’s fraught with danger!

Inspirational Marketing Quote of the Week

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”

Coco Channel

Over to you!

Let me know YOUR #1 takeaway from this episode by leaving a comment below.

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3 thoughts on “244 – How can I get millions of views on YouTube? Great question. Listen in as someone who’s done it explains how.”

  1. Timbo really interesting. I take it the $22k is from related advertising from YouTube and not tie sales? Heard the other day that ad blocking software for these ads is super popular with young people in Europe and US, but not so much in Australia. Could be a sleeper for this kind of revenue. Cheers

  2. Leanne Isaacson

    Timbo & Ben – I loved this episode for a number of reasons. BUT the most stand out for me was Ben’s response your question re his earnings from the video to date “do you feel let down” to which Bens’ response was “no I don’t – its been all uphill – so it’s definitely not a let down” “its been an awesome ride” “and looking to do a lot more with it”.
    I believe for people (me included) that have reached a certain point of “perceived success” that to not be ashamed to say “no it’s not there yet” is the most liberating sentence we could say and truly believe for ourselves. To know that the upside is enormous is extremely powerful. That is the blinding AH HA moment i got from this episode 🙂

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