How do you tease your prospects?

In the local seaside village where I live there’s two new businesses opening.

And both of them are teasing me to varying degrees.

And I love it!

One’s got some crazy window coverings; and when I posted the below pic on my facebook asking what people thought it was I got a mix of suggestions from a Tattoo Parlour to a Design Studio to a Cafe.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 5.37.06 PM









Then there’s the restaurant that’s giving us a hint – even a website to go and check out.

small business big marketing











I love what both these businesses are doing.

  1. They’ve got my attention.
  2. They;’re creating some drama.
  3. Maybe even some word-of-mouth.

They could have decided to do nothing – biut there’s no marketing magic in doing nothing.

So, the question is … how are you teasing your prospects and clients?

Shares your thoughts and ideas below.

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