How iTunes Could Sell More Music

I use iTunes to organize and play all my music when I’m on my laptop – I also use it to transfer tunes to the plethora of other Apple products I have laying around the house: iPhone, iPad Nano, iPad…But there’s a vital piece missing in the Apple giant’s music publishing puzzle.

iTunes doesn’t do a great job of introducing me to new music. Sure, there’s Genius – which is supposed to show me similar music to what I already have in my library, but what happens when I’m jack of listening and programming my own tunes and I want someone to tell me what to listen to?

I spend a lot of time in the car, and much like my esteemed colleague, Timbo-The Bimbo-Reid, I HATE commercial radio. I should probably listen to it purely from the research perspective, but frankly, ads on radio irk me  – that’s right, I find them irksome.

So why doesn’t iTunes join the dots a setup their own digital radio station. There’s plenty out their already – being one of the most popular. But this is an opportunity for iTunes to own the whole funnel.

iTunes Radio would let me choose a station by genre, then when I’m listening and hear something I like, I hit a download button and boom!, I’ve purchased the song and it’s downloaded to my device in the background.

Surely with the new digital FM radio technology Apple could setup a station that broadcasts tunes to digital radio. They could develop a whole new release of hardware to use their new digital radio station – they could even go into car stereos.

How would you improve iTunes?

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