How to tap into a neglected market by becoming a disabled friendly business | #626

How to tap into a neglected market by becoming a disabled friendly business | #626

Are you ready to become a disabled friendly business? Scott Hunt has expanded his private personal training business into an untapped market that focuses on helping disabled people benefit from exercise. He’s passionate about providing a solution for a demographic that has been neglected for too long. Scott understands the importance of staying active for both physical and mental well-being, and he’s on a mission to ensure that everyone has access to these benefits. By catering to the needs of disabled people, he has not only found a gap in the market, but also a meaningful way to make a positive impact on disabled people’s lives. Scott’s dedication to this cause has allowed him to carve out a unique space in the fitness industry and connect with a new group of clients.



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So, who is Fit Your Ability’s Scott Hunt?

Back in episode 474 we spoke to Scott Hunt, the owner of Fitness Enhancement, about how he built his business into Australia’s largest private personal training franchise. A large part of that chat focussed around his obsession with quality customer service.

Four years later, Scott’s back in the Hot Seat to give us an update on Fitness Enhancement and his new disabled-friendly fitness business Fit Your Ability, which continues to boom, now servicing over 2,000 suburbs Australia-wide. 

Not only was it recently awarded National Employer of Choice at the Oz Active National Awards, but more importantly, Scott has expanded his business into an untapped market that doubles down on his passion for helping disabled people get the benefits of exercise that everyone else can – a demographic his industry (and maybe yours) has neglected for far too long.

I started off asking Scott where does your passion for helping disabled people come from?



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