For Those Hankering For Some Positivity

I was having a good old laugh with the kids last night watching Modern Family. It scares me how much of Phil Dunphy I see in myself (don’t tell anyone ;0)

Then a news break came on. It was shocking. Literally shocking. No need for specifics, suffice to say it was bad news after bad news. 

As a father, I felt not only for my kids, but for the world’s population in general.

However, instead of dwelling on what is, it got me thinking about how we can protect ourselves from the negativity and make our world a slightly better place. So here’s five ideas to help you stay positive in a crazy world.

1.  Tell someone what a great job they’re doing
It doesn’t need to be someone you know either. It could be the person at the petrol station. I receive a lot of emails and comments on iTunes from listeners thanking me for helping grow their business. They are very humbling and make me feel terrific (thanks to everyone who’s sent me one :0). Think about the feeling you get when someone pats you on the back. Now go and do the same. Each day for the next month. No, bugger it, year!

2.  Listen to something positive
I drove to the airport this morning and listened to three really uplifting podcasts. They were negativity-free zones. Despite the traffic, and the 93-minute drive, I arrived feeling refreshed and highly motivated. Seek out a positive podcast or audio book today and listen whilst at the gym or walking the dog. Starting and finishing your day with this type of content is golden. If you’re short of time, buy a book of motivational quotes and reflect on one a day.

3.  Seek out a positive person
Hanging with the right crowd is critical to staying positive. Avoid the energy drainers – you know the ones who whinge a lot? Or want to pick your brain. Having your brain picked hurts!

4.  Help someone
This is more than just telling someone they’re doing a great job. This is when you go out of your way to help someone and expect nothing in return. I was at the airport in Fiji last month and had to buy one plastic bag to place my toiletries in. I didn’t have any money on me, and the shop wouldn’t accept cards. A stranger came from behind, gave the shop assistant the required dollar, smiled at me and walked off. Thanks mate :0)

5.  Slow down
We’re all moving at a frantic pace. Social media, email, technology in general means we communicate at lightening speed. But are we built for that? I’m guessing not. I found myself racing around town yesterday, ticking boxes, seeing people, getting stuck in traffic. Then I thought, you know what, it will all be here tomorrow. I literally puled over, took a big breath and looked around. I then made my way home at a leisurely pace and took the rest of the day off. I was much better person for it.

Now you may be thinking what’s this post got to do with marketing. Everything, I reckon. As business owners, if we’re in a positive frame of mind, we’ll attract the same in to our businesses. Simple as that.

So, what’s your tip for staying positive? Let me know below.


2 thoughts on “For Those Hankering For Some Positivity”

  1. David Cunnington

    Great suggestions. Slowing down is way under-rated. A lot of the professionals or business owners I see with sleep problems really just need to give themselves permission to slow down.

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