203 – How to become a travel blogger, and make a living whilst travelling the world. Oh yeah!

203 – How to become a travel blogger, and make a living whilst travelling the world. Oh yeah!

If you think that it’s impossible to travel around your country, the world even, while earning a great income, think again. Just three years ago, Caz Makepeace was stuck in the cubicle. But when she and her husband committed to turning their travel blog, Y Travel Blog, into a real income stream, they found themselves travelling to far flung destinations with their kids – all while getting paid for it.

How did Caz become a travel blogger? Listen in as she reveals all in the latest episode of Australia’s #1 marketing podcast, including how she acquired more than 4 million (!) Pinterest followers, and just how to monetise her travel blog’s content.

PLUS, I answer a listener question and give you the details on a listener meet-up happening on September 25th in Melbourne. Let’s get stuck into another episode FULL of marketing GOLD!


In this session of Small Business Big Marketing, you’ll discover:

  • How it’s possible to travel the world and earn a great living at the same time.
  • Why content is not just a promotional platform – it can actually generate your income.
  • The importance of doing one thing really well.
  • Why your next marketing activity should be writing and selling an ebook.
  • Just what a day in the life of a travel blogger is really like.
  • How Caz acquired more than 4 million Pinterest followers.
  • Why it is important to play to your own strengths in business.
  • Why there is still room for growth in the online world and you shouldn’t be scared about starting an online business.
  • That it is truly possible to escape the cubicle if you just “lean in” to your new path.

Episode Timeline

  • 2.00 I answer a listener question about the best way of funneling money to get great results.
  • 6.45 Use 99designs for all of your professional design, whether you need a logo, display ads, or a car bumper.
  • 8.00 All about the listener meet-up in Melbourne on September 25th
  • 9.00 Can’t catch a break with online marketing? Get it SORTED with Netregistry.
  • 11.45 Introducing Caz Makepeace, one of the founders of and contributers to Y Travel Blog. How she escaped the cubicle to go blogging full time.
  • 14.30 From writing a blog at home to packing up the kids and travelling Australia while blogging.
  • 16.30 Getting clearer on monetisation models enabled Caz and her husband to blog full time 18 months ago.
  • 18.30 Committing to the world of blogging and “leaning in”.
  • 19.30 Caz reveals the ways she monetises her blog.
  • 24.00 The craziest thing that Caz has experienced in her blogging career so far.
  • 28.15 A day in the life of a full time travel blogger.
  • 30.00 Caz talks editorial missions and why knowing that purpose is so important for any business.
  • 35.00 I ask Caz about blogging must-dos.
  • 41.30 Uh-oh. I’ve got a bone to pick with Caz. Why oh why did she stop podcasting?
  • 45.00 Ways of securing traditional press coverage when you’re a blog (or business) owner.
  • 51.30 My top three learnings from chatting with Caz.

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27 thoughts on “203 – How to become a travel blogger, and make a living whilst travelling the world. Oh yeah!”

  1. This episode washed over me the first listen.

    But on the second listen I really leaned in, and found some gold.

    – When you leap the universe catches you, and doors open.
    – The online boat has not left. Imagine if every musician said that it is too late, that all the music has been created.
    – Editorial mission. What have you got to offer, to who and what outcome could they expect
    – 3 pillars of Timbo s blog. Rational stuff, tips, inspirational
    – Get clear on your why before starting blogging, otherwise you will quit. Need to love it
    – Understand what your message is
    – Checkout source bottle

  2. I felt like this was done just for me. Was nodding my head in agreement the whole time. Thanks for the shout-out Timbo. I must be pickin up what you’ve been layin down.

    I was still curious to know how much more successful she’s been over the $5k per month.

    I agree that the podcast would be great for her, but if it is a chore for her, or she’s not excited about it, then I guess the blog is her magic…and that is okay.

    I thought a forum for her would be good too for additional revenue. I think people would love the chance to connect with her and her husband on a regular basis on all the topics she is writing about.

    Fun interview. I would have looked past this one, but it was great.

  3. Great learning, VP. Thanks for sharing. And well done to you for taking a second listen. Such a great way to learn. Love your work.

  4. Thanks Nick. Yes, I think we both agree that we should always stick to those medium(s) that resonate most with us. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stretch ourselves sometimes. And if you think this episode was just for you, look out for episode #205 – I just recorded it and it had yours and other Forum Members’ names all over it. Marketing G O L D is on its way!

  5. Tim,

    I just checked. There are 21 podcast shows in my catcher.

    Yours is the only one that gets a second listen.

  6. Aahhhh! I have to wait two weeks? You could have kept that a secret.

    This gave me an idea to chat about in the forum…see you inside!

  7. John Bellingham

    My hat off to Craig and Caz… don’t get me wrong, I love going on holiday just as much as the next guy, but just constantly traveling sounds like hard word – I love my own bed at night! That said, the Makepeace family are creating a uniquely fantastic memory bank for experiences shared; something that no amount of money can replace – well done for that.

    Caz came across well on the podcast interview, and having now checked out the Y travel blog, I’d suggest there could be a travel TV program waiting to happen… a young family, enjoying life to the full, and sharing amazing experiences… what’s not to like? I’d watch it…

    Something else that could be considered for the blog site is information about

    I agree with your point about sticking to your strengths when it comes to picking the right medium (or media); I personally do a lot of writing (blogs and articles), and would not be good with podcasts or video. Although, I guess there’s nothing to say those ‘weaker’ media can’t be outsourced, and then added to the overall marketing strategy.

    Another great hour of SBBM-audio-assault, cheers Timbo!

    P.S. I actually drove a 17-minute detour on my way home, just so that I could listen to the whole podcast… WARNING: SBBM podcasts can increase your fuel costs!

  8. Thanks Nick! I appreciate your extra insights and tips. We’re consistently making 10k + a month now. but we invest a bit more now into the business so our profit margins haven’t increased by that amount!

  9. Hey, thanks John. Great thoughts. Sticking to the right medium makes a lot of sense, but I also like the Flinch Theory, which basically says if the thought of something makes you flinch, then maybe you should have a go at it. A lot of people avoid podcasting and video marketing as it makes them flinch. Sorry about your fuel bill, I’ll be shorter going forward ;0) BTW, I mention part of your comments in next week’s episode.

  10. John Bellingham

    Interesting Tim…haven’t come across the Flinch Theory before. And also interesting – my comments being mentioned next week… now I’m trying to remember what I said 😐


    Off to Google “Flinch Theory”.

  11. The Flinch Theory is conjured up by me, John. Not sure you’ll find it in Google. Might write a blog post on it! Re your comments, no need to remember what you said, they’re above ;0)

  12. Wicked Walkabout

    Caz and Craig have their goals and plans so well set out! Such an adventure for the family and they are inspiring a lot of people along the way too. It was a good way to spend some time this afternoon listening to the podcast and gazing out on a misty day. Well done folks!

  13. It’s all in the planning, isn’t it, Jane? Put the effort in and the reward will come, every time. Thanks for tuning in :0) Cheers … Timbo

  14. Definitely in the planning, but also leaving a window open to welcome the unexpected moments of travel that come along so often too!

  15. Awesome! I love that she mentioned Whitsundays – my backyard! I work for that helicopter company now & was previously Hamilton Is for 5 years (heart swells!)! Travel is in my blood – such a great story – go from your basic needs and grow. My biggest take out – put it out to there and the universe will catch you – perfect.

  16. I love that! I have never heard it, but it is right alongside with the lean in theory! My ski instructor told me once – commit to the mountain! And I flinched, committed and did it!

  17. Ben Fewtrell

    Another top Episode buddy. Really enjoyed this one. It’s great to hear how people that are sticking to a consistent plan and ‘lean in’ are getting great results. Cheers, Ben.

  18. IT is such hard work John! We’re currently laying low in Broome for a couple of weeks because we are so tired and I can’t move!

    I’d actually love to do a travel show! I love that medium but aren’t clever enough to do our own videos. To havea production company take care of that would be awesome!

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