#42 How to build a profitable online business.

#42 How to build a profitable online business.

Robert SomervilleThe big news is that Timbo reveals to Lukeee (live on air) that he’s found another lover. What’s most surprising is Lukeee’s reaction. On less important issues of small business marketing we interview Guro Bob (Robert Somerville) who, with Ed Dale, put together one of the best free programs on the internet for discovering everything there is to know about marketing online. The program is called The Challenge and as the tagline says … There’s no charge for awesomeness! In a nutshell, what Guru Bob has put together” will help ANYONE, even a beginner, learn about Internet Marketing and get started building a profitable online business even if you have no time, no money or haven’t got a clue how to get started on the Internet.” Sweet!

But wait, there is so much more – Timbo shares a funny Twitter marketing story relating to Jetstar; we talk about the marriage of Yellow Pages with Google Adwords; we share an idea or two about HOW TO information and we ask the tough question about the weakest link in your business.

Duration: 37 minutes

Small Business Big Marketing – Links & Resources

The Challenge -The ‘how to’ of Internet marketing.

Flying Solo – Check out their very useful Marketing forum.

Google hops in to bed with Yellow Pages – Is this a marriage made in Heaven or Hell?

Weakest link blog post – What do you think?

The Small Business Big Marketing Academy – 8 Marketing HOW TOs penned by Lukeee and Timbo delivered fresh monthly for just $67.

The Small Business Big Marketing Spotlight – Get some ‘tough marketing love’ directly from us…where we focus 100% on your business.

And if you haven’t got it already, then here’s the link to the best HOW TO video on setting up and optimizing your Google Places account ever!


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