259 – How to create a lifestyle business, with virtual lawyer Sarah Bartholomeusz

259 – How to create a lifestyle business, with virtual lawyer Sarah Bartholomeusz

Ever wondered how to create a lifestyle business? You know, where you swing from a hammock, MacBook on your lap? Well, today’s guest isn’t quite there yet, but she has escaped the cubicle and is running a very cool virtual legal practice.

Sarah Bartholomeusz is the Founder, CEO and a practicing lawyer at the virtual law firm You Legal.

At 32 weeks pregnant with her second child, Sarah was made redundant from her job at a large public company. Working in the legal industry for more than 10 years, and observing that many lawyers experienced difficulties in achieving work/life balance, Sarah started You Legal. Imagine an entirely virtual law firm without large CBD office overheads or client money used to train junior lawyers, where clients are able to get advice 24/7 across Australia and around the world. You Legal is an alternative to engaging a traditional law firm where experienced senior lawyers, some Sarah has never met in person, communicate with clients and each other online. With clients including large private businesses and ASX listed companies, You Legal is a new category of law firm engaging lawyers as consultants to work as virtual legal counsel.

Plus I share five tips to help a listener identify their passion; and today’s marketing quote is all about the power of just one customer.

Plenty to cover, so let’s get stuck, right in.




00:38  Welcome & overview
02:34  I help a listener find their passion
06:16  Insights in to Key Person Of Influence & How to get a free book
07:32  Today’s guest introduction – Sarah Bartholomeusz
08:14  Interview with Sarah
33:59  My top 3 marketing learnings fro my chat with Sarah
33:02  Motivational marketing quote of the week
33:26  Wrap-up and insights in to next week’s guests




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You Legal – Sarah’s business’s website

Sarah Bartholomeusz on Twitter









    1. Consider how you would apply Sarah’s virtual business model to your business.
    2. See what it feels like and what effect it can have on your business by channeling someone you admire. They don’t need to be a celebrity – just someone who’s work or approach to life inspires you. Then, when confronted with a problem, ask yourself “What would such and such do in this situation?
    3. Persevere with any marketing strategy you choose to implement. Too many business owners give up too quickly and move on to the next bright shinny object.





“One customer, well taken care of, could be more
valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising”

Jim Rohn




What was your biggest marketing learning or ah-hahahha moment from this episode?

Leave your comment below.

My guest and I respond to each and every comment.


11 thoughts on “259 – How to create a lifestyle business, with virtual lawyer Sarah Bartholomeusz”

  1. Great episode Timbo. Are you able to put me in contact with your listener caller Luke the sparky? I am also a sparky looking at both inside and outside of our trade to start a business. As we’re both on the same page I’d love to network with him. Thanks Timbo. Lee – leeroydavis@yahoo.com

  2. Great hearing a fellow professional service provider thinking outside the box. Cheers Sarah + Timbo for the episode.

  3. Luke Mckenney

    Timbo, you’re a legend mate thanks for answering my question on the podcast! Very actionable advice, it’s given me a lot to think about.

    Sarah, great work with You Legal. Sounds like you have had some massive growth and success over the last year, very inspiring!

  4. mcutlerwelsh

    Thanks for another great one Timbo. This one definitely got me thinking during my run home from work (yes, that’d be me running home from the office, where I currently have a job, in a cubicle… ) Stay tuned, and thanks to Sarah for being inspirational!

  5. Leanne Isaacson

    Have just shared this with a lawyer in Texas – am sure he will find it as valuable as I did! Is always great to be able to hear other inspirational ideas & see how we can apply them to our own business. Thanks again for another great episode Timbo & Sarah 🙂

  6. I really loved this free flowing conversation. It felt very comfortable, as if you both new each other for a while. Goes to show you how well you both use your ‘people skills’!!!
    Sarah’s Business Model is something I would like to build for my business, so I’m about to listen to the Podcast for a 3rd time to get as much out of it as I can 🙂
    Thank you Timbo & Sarah

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