3-Steps To Creating A Weird Marketing Campaign


I call today’s idea the Let’s Get Weird Marketing Campaign.

As the business owner, you have to constantly be thinking of new and creative ways to get the word out about your business. And sometimes, being a little weird can pay off big time.  So, if you’re not afraid to think outside the square every now and then in order to build brand buzz and get in front of more prospects, then my Let’s Be Weird Marketing Campaign is perfect for you.

So, here’s my 3-steps to getting a little weird in your marketing:

  1. Think about a campaign you could launch to promote your business that some might find a bit weird or out of the ordinary. To get an idea of what I mean, take a listen to my interview with LA Fashion-designer Melissa Coker who created a video of strangers wearing her clothes and kissing for the first time. Or Chick-Fil-A franchisee Arthur Greeno who loves nothing more than breaking Guinness World Records to get his business noticed!

  2. Decide on the weird campaign you want to move forward with. Your goal should be to come up with an idea that gets people’s attention, but also does a fair job of promoting your business.

  3. Do some pre-promotion leading up to the launch of your weird marketing campaign, package it up, and release it to the world!


Pro-Tip: Try documenting the campaign on video and posting to YouTube so that it has a long afterlife. Arthur Greeno documented the event in which he created the world’s biggest Sweet Tea drink.



And here’s a great post detailing another 5 weird marketing campaigns.

If you’d like help implementing any of the simple marketing ideas I share, go ahead and join The Small Business Big Marketing Club – where I’ll personally support you on your marketing journey.

So … what have you got to lose?!



1 thought on “3-Steps To Creating A Weird Marketing Campaign”

  1. Interesting post! 🙂 These aren’t my usual type of campaign but I can say these are really interesting. And people love weird and interesting things!

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