333 – How to create an amazing business culture with Ant Morell from Bounce

333 – How to create an amazing business culture with Ant Morell from Bounce

Ant Morell knows how to create an amazing business culture. He is the founder of Bounce – an indoor trampolining playground for people of all ages, that’s experienced some extraordinary growth in its first four years; and a big reason for this is due to the amazing culture Ant and his team have created.

To fully understand how they’ve done this, you’ll need a basic understanding of a Melbourne-based charity called Reach; because that’s where I met Ant for the first time about 10 years ago. Reach had a huge impact on my life, and on Ant as he’s utilised a lot of what he learnt at Reach to build the Bounce brand philosophy.

So Reach is a wonderful NFP that’s focussed on helping young people at risk find their passion in life. It’s based on a concept called The Hero’s Journey which focusses on how we as humans will only find true happiness in life when we acknowledge just how good each of us are, and that we all have the right to put our best self forward in whatever we choose to do in life.

Imagine if you’d learnt that when you were at school?!

So … back to Bounce. Whilst Bounce in its physical form is simply a room full of trampolines, in it’s emotional form (it’s brand) Bounce is all about personal empowerment – both for its staff and customers. This will make more sense as we get into the interview. So pen and paper at the ready as Ant also covers:

  • How to build a meaningful business culture
  • Tips on how to attract and retain great staff
  • Ideas around creating unforgettable customer experiences

But that’s not all. In this episode of your favourite marketing podcast:

  • I tackle a question from a listener who’s wanting to be a breath of fresh air in a stuffy old industry.
  • I have some feedback from a listener who runs a 3rd generation, 66 year old family business.
  • And we revisit an old episode in which Mia Freedman takes us inside the Mamamia empire.

Yep, another big episode, so let’s get stuck, right in.




00:00  Two marketing insights
00:47   Teaser
01:22  Welcome & overview
02:53  Today’s guest introduction – Ant Morell of Bounce
05:39  Interview with Ant Morell of Bounce
38:35 Insights into Key Person of Influence & WebCentral
41:13  My Top 3 Attention Grabbers from my chat with Ant Morell of Bounce
42:56  A listener question about how to stand out in a tired industry
48:05  Listener feedback from a3rd generation family business
49:23  Wrap-up and an insight in to both a past guest & next week’s guest




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  1. I love The Love. This is what Bounce’s customer service ideology is called. Having a customer service ideology is impressive, giving it a brand name, I think, gives it even more meaning.
  2. Principles not scripts. I love the freedom Ant gives his people in order for them to offer great customer service. By not demanding that they rely on scripts, it empowers them to be themselves and still deliver a great result for the customer.
  3. Recruitment campaign. When going into a new country, they really do make some hoo-hah! From the initial media they generate, to the actual recruitment process which Ant refers to as a Casting Call, and then the 60-second Speed Date interviews.



What was your biggest marketing learning or ah-ha moment from this episode?

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1 thought on “333 – How to create an amazing business culture with Ant Morell from Bounce”

  1. The Break Room

    This was pure marketing G.O.L.D from Ant. Being in a similar space to Bounce I hung on every word and now have a plan to create our own version of The Love and unlock things in our customers.

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