[BONUS EPISODE] Big marketing ideas is what Thankyou’s Daniel Flynn thrives on.

[BONUS EPISODE] Big marketing ideas is what Thankyou’s Daniel Flynn thrives on.

Do you want to know how to create a big marketing idea to grow that precious business of yours? Thankyou’s Daniel Flynn is the master of big marketing ideas, and he’s just rolled the dice of his business life. Realising that with Thankyou’s distribution footprint being limited to Australia and New Zealand, the idea of ending global poverty was just a pipe dream. But what if they could partner with Proctor & Gamble or Unilever … two of the biggest FMCG manufacturers in the world? That would secure them full global distribution and the idea of making poverty history really could become reality. Sit back and listen how Daniel create big marketing ideas … and why this time he’s literally gone all-in!


A Little More About Thankyou’s Daniel Flynn

Daniel Flynn (along with his wife Justine) is the co-founder of Thankyou – a not-for-profit business that started 12-years ago manufacturing bottled water, to today becoming one of Australia’s leading mainstream social enterprises manufacturing and distributing water, food products, baby care and personal hygiene.

Thankyou’s products are stocked by major retailers across Australia, with every product contributing to help end global poverty. To date, Thankyou has raised over $17 million to impact the lives of people across 22 countries.





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