Tips for looking sharp in business with New York fashion stylist Nicole Russo | 661

Tips for looking sharp in business with New York fashion stylist Nicole Russo | 661

As a smart business owner you’re constantly making adjustments to your product or service offerings, your customer experience, your pricing and many other key parts of your business. But (like me) I bet you avoid, or at the very least, don’t find the time to give yourself a bit of a spruce-up, as well.  If that’s the case, then you’ll love the tips New York stylist Nicole Russo has to share. It’s a smartly dressed episode 661 of The (14 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.

A little more about New York stylist Nicole Russo


Today’s special guest, Nicole Russo, is a fashion stylist based in New York who is all about helping business owners look and feel like the rockstars they truly are, regardless of their size or what’s held them back before. 

From the Saudi Royal family to Google big shots and even New York Times executives, she’s dressed them all and left them pretty damn happy with themselves.

So if the idea of looking sharper, smarter or more business-like appeals to you, then you’ll love what Nicole has to share including:

  • What’s the right look for you and how to get it important
  • Examples of how a change in one’s appearance resulted in a measurable ROI
  • How styling advice differs by industry
  • How to change your look based on the business setting
  • When should a business have branded uniforms
  • Whether we should dress to match our clients
  • And of course some simple hacks to get you looking sharp pronto!

As always, you’ll find a snippet from this interview that I feel is super interesting over at

I kicked things off by asking Nicole how she turned some bad dates into a successful styling business …


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