How to create an untouchable business by doing less | 660

How to create an untouchable business by doing less | 660

Today’s guest lives by the philosophy that offering less enables you to build a business that others simply can’t touch. Has it worked? Has it ever! It’s a ridiculously simple yet powerful, episode 660 of The (14 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.

A little more about Mobile Skips owner Jacob Spencer …

Eight years ago, and without any industry experience, Jacob Spencer bought the underperforming Mobile Skips business.

This year it will turn over $8 million, thanks to his 17 very motivated franchisees across Australia, a lucrative Bunnings contract and his very own and unique skip bin design.

Now … if you think there’s nothing to learn from a mobile skip business, then you could not be wronger!

Jacob, who’s incredibly humble about his business achievements and marketing know-how, has built a highly profitable business off the back of some very clever, yet simple, concepts. Concepts, that as you’ll see, have made it hard for others to replicate. And concepts that you can apply immediately into your business.

So seriously, grab a journal, as you’re about to discover so much business and marketing gold including:

  • Why choosing to do less creates an untouchable business
  • The power of offering a celebrity service (and that’s not what you think)
  • What you can learn from Janine Allis and her Boost Juice empire
  • How to create a brand that attracts the right people
  • Jacob explains how he’s encouraged over 5,000 Google reviews
  • And you’ll hear yet another example of a compelling customer experience

A big thank-you to past guest and founder of Lord of the Fries, Amanda Leigh-Walker, for bringing Jacob and his business to my attention.

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I started off by asking Jacob why rubbish removal?



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