Lord of the Fries is a fast food business built deliciously slowly | #594

Lord of the Fries is a fast food business built deliciously slowly | #594

Lord of the Fries co-founder Amanda Walker is all about fast food, and slow business. Despite already having 23 retail outlets nationally (including one in NZ), an online store, her own mac & cheese brand and a range of merch, co-founder Amanda Walker is in no hurry to build an empire. Instead, her and her two partners are building a business they love, in their own time whilst largely avoiding the normal stresses that the rest of us experience daily! It’s a refreshingly slow but insightful episode 594 of The (12 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.


A little more about Lord of the Fries Co-Founder Amanda Walker …


Lord of the Fries is an Aussie fast food chain, launched in 2004, specialising in creating the world’s best hot chips.

With prominent locations all over Australia and one in New Zealand, I’ve walked past them often but never sampled their chippies. I’ve no idea why, as (just quietly) I’m partial to a hot chip … with chicken salt!

That said, my Vegan daughter Steph along with all her friends are Lord of the Fries addicts.

What I love about co-founder Amanda Walker’s approach to business is the slowness in which she and her two business partners (one’s her hubby) approach growing it. They avoid stress, meditate twice daily, and aren’t greedy, which enables them to make considered decisions without the usual stresses the rest of us carry.

So join me as Amanda shares her insights into idea creation, launching and growing a business, why and how to take the slow option, franchising, working with family, social media and plenty more. 

BTW, I unfairly suggest Lord of the Fries’ socials are a bit underdone (I was wrong) … they’re better than my research showed.

I started off by asking Amanda her favourite way to eat the humble potato …


Amanda Walker Lord of the Fries
Amanda Walker, Co-Founder of Lord of the Fries


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