5 Secrets Of High-Converting Websites with Greg Merrilees of Studio 1 Design | #581

5 Secrets Of High-Converting Websites with Greg Merrilees of Studio 1 Design | #581

I’m a little sad. Sad at just how many business owners I speak to who are frustrated by their website that cost them a fortune, but isn’t producing any return on their investment. So, I asked one of Australia’s leading website producers how to design a website to boost conversions in any niche. It’s episode 581 (promising big returns) of The (12 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.


A little more about Studio 1 Design’s Greg Merrilees …


Greg is passionate about creating really, really, really good-looking websites that (wait for it) … actually get great results for their clients. Results like more sales, more enquiry, large lists of prospects to have ongoing communication with.

You know, results that grow businesses!

Website creators Studio 1 Designs has custom designed over 2,000 websites for a range of brands including BulletProof Coffee and Effortless Swimming, plus some high profile online marketers including: Perry Marshall, Chris Ducker & Jordan Harbinger.

Plus he’s putting the finishing touches on my new website.

They even designed a website for Yoda from Star Wars!! Well that’s almost true! They designed one for Frank Oz, the original voice of Yoda, Miss Piggy & other Muppets characters. 

Greg starts off by explaining his obsession with websites …



Timbo’s Top 3 Attention Grabbers from my chat with one of Australia’s leading website creators Greg Merrilees of Studio 1 Design …


  1. I love his passion for the humble website. He’s literally all-in!
  2. I love his commitment to leading with value in all your marketing communications. Remember, your prospects only listen to WIIFM … What’s In It For Me?
  3. I love the five tips he shared … especially the one around conversion-focussed design. This is given nowhere near enough attention by both website owners and designers during the critical design phase.



Resource mentioned …


Take Greg’s quiz to see how your website is performing


Robert Cialdini’s Influence book





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Thanks for tuning in. May your marketing be the best marketing.






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