Do you make this mistake with your content marketing?

I call today’s idea “Selecting the right bait, to catch the fish.”

So many business owners, when they start content marketing, make the critical mistake of generating the wrong type of content! You see, content marketing is a little bit like fishing – you need to have the right bait (content) and you need to be fishing in right spot (where you post your content).

Select the wrong bait, or the wrong location, and you’re sure to fail.

A perfect example of this would be a domestic cleaner making content about “how to iron the perfect shirt” and posting it on YouTube.  Do you think person looking to hire a cleaner (their target audience) is really on YouTube searching “How to iron the perfect shirt”? … probably not.

A better approach would be to create content that answers questions like:

“Should I feel guilty about getting a cleaner?”
“How should I prepare the house before the cleaner comes?”

Then, using Facebook, this content could then be shown to the exact target audience that matches their target profile. This is a far superior strategy that selects the right bait and places it in front of their target client.

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