How To Generate More Traffic To Your Website

I call today’s idea “a simple tip to generate more traffic to your website.”

All too often, we hear business owners complain about not getting enough traffic or visitors to their website and of the visitors they are getting, they’re not converting into paying clients.

Now, when we dig a little bit deeper, one of the biggest reasons is that they are relying on only one traffic source. Sure it’s great to have one primary traffic source perfected but to win online you’ve got to have multiple sources… whether that’s SEO, YouTubeFacebook, Linkedin, AdWords and/or a podcast on iTunes… you need 3 or more working traffic sources.

The secret is to be firing on all cylinders. You need to be thinking about how can you get great quality leads and at a great price from multiple sources. Then once the visitor gets to your site, you need to think about how you can use Authority Content to engage and convert them.Yes, we know that puts a little bit of pressure on the business owner (or person in charge of marketing) but it can be easier than you think.

Listening to Small Business Big Marketing is a great place to start and grabbing a FREE copy of David Jenyns’ Authority Content is another great step.

To grab your copy just visit:

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