298 – Mrs Sparkle Herself Julie Cross Explains How to Own Your Own Space & Feel Great About Who You Are

298 – Mrs Sparkle Herself Julie Cross Explains How to Own Your Own Space & Feel Great About Who You Are

This is a message too important not to hear.

You know what it’s like…

You would record a video to put on the website, but what if people don’t like it?

You would post more on social media but what if it doesn’t get any shares, likes, follows?

You would follow your passion, but people will think it’s stupid.

We’ve all been there… worried about what ‘those people’ will think.

My guest today is Julie Cross, and her story is truly inspirational. Having her hubby pass away unexpectedly a few years ago, Julie was left to be the sole parent of two boys including her beautiful young autistic son – but as she says in her bio, “…it’s our real life experiences that form the foundation of an authentic and relatable message.”

In this fireside chat with Miss Sparkle herself we uncover:

  • How to own your own space – to be yourself in both your marketing and personal brand development
  • How the wearing of a little black bikini took Julie’s business to another level
  • How Facebook has been amazing for her business’s growth
  • Why and how to get over irrational fears we all have as motivated business owners  PLUS plenty more

Julie is here to inspire you to… well… stop caring. Well, at least about what other people think.

Also in this episode of Australia’s best marketing podcast we also cover how I got my nose out of joint and my ego bruised by a newspaper article on Podcasting (I got some sage advice from Sam Elam our resident PR pro to help me calm down).

There are a couple of key dates to mark in your diaries:

Pitch The Media (which I’ll be attending):

  • Meet a whole lot of journos
  • Get a tour of 3AW
  • Spend the morning crafting your pitch with the expert team from PR Manoeuvres
  • Then pitch live to Huffington Post editor, Channel 10 Chief of Staff, 3AW producers and Smart Company journo

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KPI Brand Accelerator Events (I’ll be going to the Melbourne one):

Learn the 5 steps to expanding your business career or team.

  1. The Perfect Pitch
  2. Publish Content
  3. Creating Hot Products
  4. Raise Your Profile
  5. Partners & Joint Ventures

Brisbane – March 05, 2016

Sydney – April 01, 2016

Melbourne – April 15, 2016


Also, I give you an update on my book that will hit a real life printer this week! And a forum member shares an interesting point-of-view about criticism resulting from last week’s episode.

Yep, you guessed. Another big episode of your favourite marketing podcast.




00:40  Welcome & overview
03:50  Check-In
06:17  Guest introduction – Julie Cross
08:04  Interview – Part 1
24:19  Insights into Netregistry & Key Person Of Influence
26:30  Interview – Part 2
48:18  My Top 3 Attention Grabbers
49:50  Marketing Quote
50:25  Chat with PR Expert Sam Elam
57:58 Listener Feedback
60:18  Wrap-up & insights into next week’s guest




Julie Cross’s Official Website 

Episode 296 with Jay Baer on hugging your haters

Article from The Age on Podcasting

Episode 273 with Sam Elam from Media Manoeuvres on gaining earned media coverage




  1. Decide now to own your space – stuff what others say, get over any irrational fears you have that are holding you back, and just get on with being your best self.
  2. Stop trying to be everything to everyone. “We just need enough of the people, enough of the time.”
  3. Find the story behind each and every product, service or offering. As Jules says, storytelling is simply data with soul attached.




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Paul Ryan once said …

“Behind every small business, there’s a story worth knowing. All the corner shops in our towns and cities, the cafes, dry cleaners, gyms, hair salons and hardware stores – these didn’t come out of nowhere.”





What was your biggest marketing learning pr ah-ha moment from today’s episode?

Leave your comment below.

My guest and I respond to have and every one.


5 thoughts on “298 – Mrs Sparkle Herself Julie Cross Explains How to Own Your Own Space & Feel Great About Who You Are”

  1. Peter Window

    great – I’ve found 2 other people who aren’t obsessed with planning. To know I’m not alone in a universe of guru’s that want your business planned down to your toilet breaks, rather than find other tangents to explore, brings me great comfort.

  2. Leanne Isaacson

    LOL Peter – from another non-planner that was GOLD in this episode. How many of us feel like outcasts if we dare to admit we are not planners! As for lists… hmmmm 😉

  3. Leanne Isaacson

    What a brilliant episode! I have listened to this 3 times already and will no doubt listen again. As a natural verbal story teller (often criticised for waffling – “just get to the point”) I have recently begun to weave stories into my written word (thanks also to Bret Thomson). Storytelling is data with soul attached … what a great analogy! So many other takeaways from it “in a high tech world we need high touch – we forget we are connecting with people… we can’t correct the personality out of things – we need to maintain our uniqueness, that’s what people will connect with…. You know I am not a planner – are you embarrassed to say that? … have the courage to stand out from your business… The braver we are, the braver we will need to be… We can’t play small – this is our time…. Start somewhere – just do a post… and sooo many more! OMG this was GOLD!

  4. Trevor Boulton

    Hey Timbo – Great to hear your book is available and now I can order one and put some cash in your till. I have been listening for about a year and my fantastic business is powered with Timbo rocket fuel.

    But up until now, because I haven’t had occasion to support any of your sponsors I feel like a shoplifter whenever I get some of your marketing GOLD. Not anymore!! Regards Trevor Boulton – (brainhealtheducation.com.au)

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