9 Ways To Get Stuff Done (#6 Is The Scariest)

Today I delivered my 57th keynote address for the year.

I had an audience of 150(ish) motivated business owners hungry to grow their business through some smart marketing ideas.

The particular keynote I shared went for 50-minutes – and I allowed 10-minutes for questions at the end.

Upon asking for questions, there was the usual silence, followed by the first brave individual putting up their hand.

More awkward silence as the microphone runner makes their way over.

Then comes the question.

“Thanks Timbo for your marketing insights. Loved them! But my question is this. How many people in this room will action your ideas?”

Great question!

One I’ve not been asked before, but one I’ve given much consideration to over the past few months.

“Two”, was my response, “Maybe three”.

I was embarrassed to share such a poor conversion rate. (3% if my math is correct).

Now I could take it personally, and for a split second I did. Maybe, I thought, I’m sharing these marketing ideas in a way that’s too complicated for anyone to understand, much less implement.

But I quickly reminded myself of the overwhelming feedback I get post keynote, which 9.5/10 times indicates that my audience loved what I had to say, the simplicity in which I said it and the fact that they couldn’t wait to get back to work to start implementing.

So why would only two people out of 150 take action? And what can be done to ensure more do?

How do we get stuff done on a more consistent basis?

Well, the answer to the first question is that they get caught up in the busy-ness of business. You know the drill, you get back in to the office and there’s emails to check, calls to return, Facebook updates to make!

But it’s the answer to the other two questions that are most interesting. I feel if we crack this, then it can open up a world of opportunity for us all. Getting stuff done, taking action, moving forward is all about achievement – and who doesn’t love that?

So, here’s 9 ways to help you get more done:

1. Just do it
I’m not being funny here. Challenge yourself to drop all the ‘stuff’ that’s stopping you – the limiting beliefs and the excuses and just do it. Look at it like jumping off a cliff, knowing there’s a big, soft landing at the bottom.

2. Tick small boxes first
If what’s you’re not getting around to actioning is huge in your mind, then build up some momentum by rocking off some small jobs first. Get that sense of achievement feeling – it can be the fuel you need to launch in to the big jobs.

3. Don’t do it
Again, I’m not being funny. Some things just aren’t meant to be. If whatever task has been on your to do list for way too long, then maybe just delete it and move on. It’ll be a load off your mind and free you up to do move on to other things.

4. Pay someone
If you’ve avoided undertaking the task because it involves a number of steps that whilst you could do, don’t light you up, then pay someone who loves doing them. Place a value on your time – figure out what your hourly rate is and find freelancers who charge less.

5. Find an accountability buddy
Pair up with someone who’s also been putting off taking action around a particular task. Set goals and deadlines, and maybe even impose fines (like a donation to charity) if you don’t meet them.

6. Share your intentions
Tell as many people as you can about what you’re about to do. Tell them face-to-face, email them, share it on social media. Now you’ll have people asking you “Hey John, how’s such and such going. You done?”

7. Talk to a mate
Sometimes just talking things through with a friend can unblock whatever’s stopping you from taking action. You may well find your excuses and limiting beliefs sound ridiculous (almost embarrassing) as you speak them.

8. Chunk it
You know the saying about how to eat an elephant? One its at a time. Look at your task as an elephant and break it down in to simple, achievable steps. Then start with step one.

9. Lose the whole perfection thing
If you’re waiting for something to be perfect, then get over it. Nothing in this world is perfect. Focus on production, not perfection. Getting closer to perfection will come as you become more productive. You’ll naturally want to improve as you start to see results.

So, which one resonates most with you?

Or maybe you’ve got another tip for getting stuff done.

Go ahead and share it below.

6 thoughts on “9 Ways To Get Stuff Done (#6 Is The Scariest)”

  1. Reverse Engineer it. Work out what it looks like finished, then work out the least amount of steps possible to finish it as quickly as you can.

  2. Tim, I would like to add a 10th idea. Perhaps you can write it more eloquently? But here’s the general idea …

    # 99% of people give up, and that is where the opportunity lies.

    When you realise that most people give up before they even start, and then another bunch give up after just a few tries, and then the last lot give up after 6 months of moderate success, then you realise how easy it is, in fact, to be in that last 1%.

    You just have to be in the 1% that doesn’t give up. Most of your competition will disappear over time, simply because they give up.

  3. Hey Tim! Guess what.. I just ‘did it’ today. Resigned for my job and chasing after what I have always wanted to do.

    Your blog posts and podcasts have been a big motivation and help. So just a quick line to say thanks.

  4. Great work Ben. I wish you all the success, fun and enjoyment in the world in your new venture. I’m honoured to have been part of your motivation, do stay in touch and share the wonderful adventure your embarking on.

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