How to increase your Google ranking & passive income.

Listener Question

Dear Tim …

I have a Weebly website. I would like to know how to reach good ranking and passive income simultaneously without breaking the bank?

I am not totally ignorant of how marketing works, but I need to ensure the background is working fine such as back links, white hat technique SEOand that my site is totally cyber ethical but produces weekly passive $$$$$ at the same token.

Thank-you for your time and supporting Australian small business.

Kind regards …

Marie-Brigitte Souci

Netregistry Answer

Hi Marie-Brigitte,

This is quite a common and comprehensive question we get asked from many small business owners – how to get better search engine ranking without breaking the budget.

The traditional shopping process is usually brand controlled, predictable and linear, now with the new digital world buyers are in more control with multitudes of options.  As a business owner competing in the digital world, online marketing is one of the essential steps to ensure you are capturing all your potential audience; this does not have to be an expensive journey rather a few strategic steps can help boost your search engine rankings and your passive income.

1.  Know what your potential audience is searching for by performing a keyword research for the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. By searching “Google external keyword tool” there will be a range of options you can use. When selecting your keywords, “search volume” is not everything, instead it is a balance of “search volumes”, “competition” and “relevancy”. For example, if you sell ‘personalised chocolates’ choosing just ‘chocolates’ is not recommended, if you have a new website it will take a longer time for you to rank for such a highly competitive keyword, secondly you want to be found by searchers who want to buy personalised chocolates specifically and not chocolate cafes and brand names.

2.  Once you have identified your keywords, ensure that you have placed your keywords in the right place; there is no point in keyword stuffing as that would work against you. A few important areas that you need to make sure of, are that your keywords are present within the Meta title, Meta descriptions, headings, and occur naturally within the content of your website. The key concept of search engine otpimisation is having unique and informative content, as well as website usability.  Think of it as making sure your website reflects what you would like to find online if you were the audience. If you are looking for some professional advice, it’s worth getting a professional SEO assessment report ( that will cost you $49.

3.  Back links are also a great way to boost your search engine rankings if you are legitimately receiving them.  As you may know black-hat SEO practices include buying loads of back links … this is not good. When participating in link exchange programs such as asking reputable websites to link to your website and in return you provide them a service or product, make sure they are with other websites that have some kind of common interest – whether that be the same industry or a complimentary product or service.  This ensures a more qualified link which search engines like and in turn will get you ranking higher within the search engines, which has proven to increase website traffic and in turn increasing your online income.

Once you have started your online campaign, the key strategy is to monitor, monitor, monitor, and install tools such as Google Analytics and Google Webmasters Tools.  You can download a copy of a workshop on Online Marketing, conducted by Sam Shetty from Netregistry.  It will provide you with a complete guideline of all the things to implement.

What tactic would you add to increasing your Google ranking and potentially, your passive income?