Landing The Pentagon as a customer lead to this business being valued at $7M in just 4-years | #514

Landing The Pentagon as a customer lead to this business being valued at $7M in just 4-years | #514

Ever wondered how to land a big corporate client? Retired Australian navy officer Anthony Richardson is responsible for one of the most successful pieces of fitness equipment to come out of Australia … which was inspired by the suspension system of a tank! Oh, and one of his first clients … was The Pentagon! It’s a highly tactical episode 514 of The (11 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.


Another big episode today

We catch up with Torsion Bar founder Anthony Richardson, whose business is worth an impressive $7M after just 4-years thanks to landing a big corporate client.

This week’s motivated listener heeded some sage marketing advice from my chat with Seth Godin, and is absolutely smashing it!

And I let you in on next week’s guest … a social influencer who recently closed an incredibly successful business.

As per usual team, there’s marketing GOLD dripping from the ceiling over here at Small Business Big Marketing’s HQ … so let’s get stuck, right in!


A little more about AUSFIT Torsion Bars’ Anthony Richardson

Anthony is no stranger to landing big corporate clients. After 8-years in the Australian Navy, today’s guest Anthony Richardson, took a gap year to explore new things. During that time, he ran bootcamps in which the major piece of equipment were these dirty old metal bars (called torsion bars) that came from the suspension system of all-terrain vehicles.

His clients loved them so much, he decided to make a few tweaks, give them a bit of a make-over and cleverly turn them into a fancy brand.

In 2015, he successfully trialled them on three Royal Australian Navy vessels, and the rest (as they say) is history.

Anthony’s Torsion Bars are now for sale in 5 countries, and his business was recently valued at $7M, with users ranging from Physiotherapists to the Military. And now thanks to COVID-19, he can’t keep up with demand, as more and more of us workout from home.


how to land a big corporate client


Timbo’s Top 3 Attention Grabbers form chatting with AUSFIT Torsion Bars’ Anthony Richardson

  1. I loved how Anthony turned a dirty old piece of suspension from an all-terrain vehicle into a polished fitness brand.
  2. I love how he went after The Pentagon as a client, and got them!
  3. And I love how he’s using YouTube to promote and educate his prospects and users on how to get the most from their Torsion Bars.


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Monster Prize Draw winner

Home builder Michael Pinter of Linear Constructions.


Thanks for tuning in. May your marketing be the best marketing.



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