326 – How to make more money by working less in your business, with Posture Podiatry’s Daniel Gibbs

326 – How to make more money by working less in your business, with Posture Podiatry’s Daniel Gibbs

Today’s guest very kindly cancelled a game of golf (on a Tuesday morning!) in order to do this interview, so the episode title of how to make more money by working less in your business is more than apt!

I met Daniel Gibbs of Posture Podiatry at an event recently, when he came up and told me how much he loved my show, and began to explain how he’d implemented a few of the ideas he’d heard over the years. I was impressed … I do love a good action-taker.

He particularly liked the episode I did with Dentist Padi Lund who, on the verge of suicide, made some fundamental changes to his business life, and lived to tell the story.

Now, whilst Daniel’s predicament was never that dire, he did find himself at one point being booked out 3-months in advance, seeing patients at midnight, feeling completely exhausted trying to both work on and in his business, whilst at the same time wanting to be there for his heavily pregnant wife.

So, like any motivated business owner, he made some fundamental changes to the way he did business. This really is inspiring stuff. Listen in and you’ll discover:

  • How to work less in your business
  • How to implement an unforgettable customer experience
  • The importance of systems … and post-it notes!
  • How critical that first 20 seconds with a customer is
  • How the quality of the herbal tea that you serve is in direct relationship to the quality of your service
  • Why you need a Wall of WOW!
  • And so much more

After working under another Podiatrist for a number of years, Daniel opened his own clinic at the age of 29, and from day one made a decision that it was going to be the best in class.

In today’s episode, I also help a Horse & Donkey charity called Hope Pastures who has zero marketing budget but needs to feed their precious animals over the cold Winter month, with an idea that could help them raise plenty! It based on this fantastic crowd funding campaign:


Yep, another big episode of your favourite marketing podcast. So, let’s get stuck, right in.




02:12  Introduction teaser
02:57  Welcome & overview
04:29  Today’s guest introduction – Daniel Gibbs of Posture Podiatry
07:05  Interview with Daniel Gibbs of Posture Podiatry
43:18 Insights in to WebCentral & Designcrowd
45:42  My Top 3 Attention Grabbers from my chat with Daniel Gibbs of Posture Podiatry
47:33  I share a fundraising idea with a charity listener
53:37  Wrap-up and an insight in to both a past guest & next week’s guest




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Posture Podiatry’s official website
Danile’s new business – Clinic Mastery
Interview with dentist Padi Lund
The Crowdfunder campaign for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People
Hope Pastures is the charity I give some advice to





  1. Do everything in your power to stop the business being reliant on you. I have an episode coming up with another business owner who explains exactly how she’s done this … in fact she shares a beautifully elegant three step process.
  2. What’s your herbal tea? And I don’t mean what flavour do you like! I mean what can you offer your customers that’s simple, yet makes them go wow? The guy who services my car always gives it a wash. My local coffee shop gives you a little Macaroon with your coffee. So, what’s your herbal tea?
  3. Ask your clients … “What advice have you got for other clients of your business?” Their answers could form the basis of your on Wall of Wow, or you could sprinkle them throughout your website or include them on your quotes … like little testimonials.



What was your biggest marketing learning or ah-ha moment from this episode?

Leave your comment below.

My guest and I respond to each and every comment.

2 thoughts on “326 – How to make more money by working less in your business, with Posture Podiatry’s Daniel Gibbs”

  1. LOVED this one. This has been my world over the last two years of getting myself out of the way. Thanks for sharing your story Daniel. I too was afraid that customers would not want to deal with other people, and my staff still tries to get me to meet with clients in their home, but it has been liberating, and we have about doubled in size because of it. I also love that you are not teaching other docs to do what you have done. SO much need there. I went to the dermatologist yesterday as I was listening to the interview, and thought about how many opportunities they were missing out on. Keep crushing it! Would have love a back message as I was waiting. 😉

  2. Daniel Gibbs

    Thanks Nick! Really appreciate your comments and encouragement. Although Health professionals are generally very caring, I’m constantly amazed at how bad customer service can be in the health world. Time to put the care back into healthcare!

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