How to optimise your Google My Business listing [Infographic]

With so many social media platforms that exist now, it’s difficult for businesses to isolate which platforms they should be on in terms of the best use of their time and resources. One of the most important and often overlooked platforms is Google My Business (GMB) which has the power to increase visibility for the business in the all important search engine results page on Google.

It’s difficult to walk down the street of any town or city without encountering someone on their smartphone or tablet. They might be using it to find a particular location; they might be using it to communicate with people; they might be listening to music. The point is that technology has brought on all of these devices and meant that people are expecting information instantaneously. As a result, the onus is very much on businesses to keep their information up to date. In terms of GMB, businesses need to be aware of how much customers (potential and existing) are relying on the information being up to date. Owners and managers need to regularly update their opening hours especially if they’re subject to change – perhaps on a seasonal basis.

The people at Storetraffic have put together this useful infographic which covers the whole area of Google My Business. It outlines why a business needs to be on the platform; it details some ideas on how to keep a profile updated; it explains how to deal with negative reviews and lots more.

Check out the full infographic below for more on Google My Business.


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  1. The information in this article really helps to understand how to properly optimize your business local presence through Google My Business profile.


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