308 – [Bonus Episode] How To Free Up More Cash & Time In Your Business (AKA How To Outsource To The Philippines)

308 – [Bonus Episode] How To Free Up More Cash & Time In Your Business (AKA How To Outsource To The Philippines)

Finding the time and money to work on your business is hard – particularly in Australia where the costs of running a business can spiral out of control very quickly.

Wages, rent, staffing issues, paperwork plus plus plus – all stop you from building that beautiful business of yours in to the empire it deserves to be.

Well, it doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, let me (and today’s guest – David Warne of Cornerstone Business Solutions) put an end to the struggle immediately.

In today’s bonus episode of Australia’s best marketing podcast, listen in as David and I (on a recent webinar – you can view the video below) show you how to create more business freedom – which can only lead to more personal freedom, as well.

Join us as we uncover 5 critical secrets to outsourcing in The Philippines:

  1. You can reduce your running costs by 90%
  2. Opportunities will reveal themselves that you never even considered
  3. You can implement business automation to deliver amazing customer experiences
  4. You can unlock little known tax minimisation strategies to unlock hidden cash flow
  5. Filipinos become deeply loyal and will tap into your business dream very quickly

You know, I’ve had David on my show three times now^, and every time he challenges the status quo, and really gets us all thinking about how we can do business more effectively by reducing those previously mentioned pain points.

^ In episode 157 David shares how he built Sydney Tall Ships to become an iconic Australian business. In episode 254 David shared how he moved the entire back end of Sydney Tall Ships to The Philippines and reduced running costs by 90! And then in episode 255 (he was back by popular demand to share his killer tips for outsourcing to The Philippines. Gold!

Now, in today’s episode, we invite you to join David and I on a small business outsourcing tour to The Philippines this June. You can find out all the details of this business outsourcing tour here.

Plus if touring isn’t your thing but you are absolutely ready to start outsourcing parts of your business then here’s a very generous offer from David to start your outsourcing journey. I’d take it up if I were you ;0)

OK, enough from me; let’s get on with the show …

5 thoughts on “308 – [Bonus Episode] How To Free Up More Cash & Time In Your Business (AKA How To Outsource To The Philippines)”

  1. Shaun Howie

    Hi Timbo great info but i question?? i do finance & not marketing how do i get the marketing strategies & set the business plan in place & get it up & running please?? Thanks Shaun Approved All Loans Group

  2. That’s a question well beyond the confines of this Comments section, Shaun. That said, peeps employ your services to get their finance sorted out, right? Then maybe you need to employ a marketing specialist to get your marketing sorted out. This would be a great investment in the ongoing health of your business.

  3. Another great episode @disqus_byK0gFRx2W:disqus. Obviously you have a passion for this topic, and also a great repore with David – that easily comes across in this podcast, and makes it very easy to listen to 🙂

  4. This is basically an advertisement for Cornerstone Business Solutions. I’ve used this company for marketing and can say with confidence that they lack the talent to effectively deliver on a Marketing strategy for the Australian market. Using global talent and lowering costs is a great idea, But in my experience, Cornerstone adds no value and in-fact can potentially limit your marketing success by restricting your talent search to one country! Why just the Phillipines for talent? This post should be about the ideas and benefits of using overseas skills, and not a thinly veiled advertisement for what’s a pretty ordinary business.

  5. Well, I’m pretty convinced! I’ve had Cornerstone’s website open in a tab for a week (before listening to this episode) and have just attended day 1 of a 2 day conference all on Systems. Definitely keen to start seeing what outsourcing can really do for me and my business.

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