275 – How To Run An eBay Business With eBay Master Seller, Paul Nieuwenhuys of Hooked Online & Sinker

275 – How To Run An eBay Business With eBay Master Seller, Paul Nieuwenhuys of Hooked Online & Sinker

eBay’s leading fishing tackle seller shares some marketing gems that have application across all types of business – online and offline. Listen in and you’ll not only discover how to run an eBay business, but be reminded of some basic marketing fundamentals when it comes to sharing your products or services with the world.

Paul Nieuwenhuys launched his eBay store – Hooked Online & Sinker – 5 years ago. Amazingly it was his first step in to eCommerce, and as of today he’s sold close to $3,000,000 of hooks, lines and sinkers!

Listen in as we cover:

  • Why every business should have an eCommerce section on their website
  • How to create an unforgettable customer experience
  • Why eBay versus an online store
  • How to attract and retain passionate staff
  • The importance of work / life balance
  • And plenty more marketing gold

Yep, you’ll be hooked (soz ;0)

Let’s get stuck in to another big episode of Australia’s best marketing podcast.





00:36  Welcome & overview
03:05  Today’s guest introduction – Paul from Hooked Online
05:19  Interview withPaul from Hooked Online – Part 1
19:22  Insights in to Key Person Of Influence
20:22  Interview withPaul from Hooked Online – Part 2
49:00  My top 3 marketing learnings fro my chat withPaul from Hooked Online
51:16  Motivational marketing quote of the week
51:30  Wrap-up and insights in to next week’s guests





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Paul’s eBay store – Hooked Online & Sinker

Paul’s eCommerce fishing store

Hooked Online on Facebook (let him know you heard him on the show)









  1. No matter what business you’re in, get your fundamentals right when describing your products or services. Have clear images, engaging (unique) copy, obvious contact details and calls to action, guarantees etc.
  2. Add an eCommerce component to your offering. It doesn’t need to be every product or service – maybe apply it to the 20% of your offerings that generate 80% of your revenue.
  3. What products or services could you combine to create a more compelling offer?





“Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”

Sir Winston Churchill




What was your biggest marketing learning or ah-ha moment from this episode?

Leave your comment below.

My guest and I respond to each and every comment.


17 thoughts on “275 – How To Run An eBay Business With eBay Master Seller, Paul Nieuwenhuys of Hooked Online & Sinker”

  1. Timbo I think this is one of your best interviews. Perhaps because you asked Paul some hard questions in a soft way (David Frost style, for those old enough to remember him).

  2. Wow, thanks Steve! ‘Best’ is a big word. And then ‘David Frost’ in the same breath! The bar is now well an truly high. Appreciate your support.

  3. Sorry for commenting so late, but I wanted to directly implement some of the learnings from this episode.

    I have just launched my first Ebay listing: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/262117257550

    Also wrote a blog post about how using Ebay can sharpen your sales skills, something you have mentioned before: http://www.vineyardpaul.com.au/how-to-get-free-wine-sales-training/

    Thanx for the episode, one for the brain to tick over, and to go back for mulptiple listens.


  4. Love it, VP. eBay is such an easy business model to set up. Highly competitive, yes. But low barriers to entry. Good luck in selling the wheels.

  5. Natalie Wischer

    Another superb interview. You are not only good at asking the questions we want to know, but adept at making it funny and provocative whilst keeping you and your guest so real. A+ work again!

    Were you way too hard hard (and somewhat judgemental) on poor (well I doubt that) Paul? Perhaps..he is working on getting the family/work life balance right and it seems to me that he is moving in the right direction and spends lots of time with his kids. Ok, maybe he is not giving them full attention as the beeps of his phone and ipad are not silenced, but we can all get better on that. But keep challenging us all!!!

    Inspired again, thanks Timbo


  6. Thanks for your honesty, Nat. Sometimes I wonder if work / life balance actually exists anyway. I do think it’s important though that we keep challenging one another to help find a level that suits us and those around us. Kind words re my interviewing – I love what I do 🙂

  7. Ian Stathers

    Tim and Paul,

    I have just finished listening to the podcast whilst driving . I have a small maintenance business in Sydney. On the side we have Ebay selling the stock we use everyday in the repair of our products. You have opened up my eyes and mind to what is now I believe, a very achievable way of making a dollar.

  8. thefatbadger

    I enjoyed this episode…why? because it shows that anybody can do it..start a business that is. As someone residing in a regional area this showed me that you don’t need to be based in a big city to get something going. in fact I’d like to see more from all levels of government to incentivise small businesses located in regional areas.
    A great way to get started can be to utilise third-party warehousing…pay for a pallet bay by the month….then pay only for each stock movement (receipt, order despatch etc). plenty of them around.

  9. Paul Nieuwenhuys

    Hi Paul,
    Paul here, Hooked Online.
    Great to see you have your first eBay listing, and enjoyed the Podcast.
    Love the video!
    All the best.
    Cheers, Paul.

  10. Brilliant, Ian. I love opening business owners eyes. May I wish you all the success in the world. It’s time to action now 🙂

  11. Paul Nieuwenhuys

    True Fat Badger,
    eBay makes it possible for anyone from anywhere!
    I would advise against using a 3rd party when getting started, as best to fully understand your product and business first, as will add to your costs.
    This can always be an option once up and running.
    All the best!
    Cheers, Paul

  12. Paul Nieuwenhuys

    Glad you enjoyed the podcast Ian, and thank you for taking the time to comment.
    Anything is possible on eBay, soon you will be spending more time in front of the computer and less time on the road.
    May your business boom !
    Cheers, Paul.

  13. Paul Nieuwenhuys

    Hi Nat,
    Thanks for your comments, glad you enjoyed the show.
    Yes you are right, I do need to silence my devices.
    Just so hard as after 5 years the sounds of Ka-Ching still excites me!
    I will get better.
    Have a sensational day!
    Cheers, Paul

  14. Paul Nieuwenhuys

    I don’t think you were too hard on me Timbo!
    Loved your honest unscripted questions, as this is what makes your shows real.
    You did put me on the spot a few times, however you extracted the honest truth from me.
    Thanks for having me on your show.
    Cheers, Paul.

  15. Paul Nieuwenhuys

    Gday Steve,
    Very chuffed to read this was one of the best shows you have listened too!
    Feel free to contact me anytime.
    All the best.
    Cheers, Paul.

  16. Natalie Wischer

    You are doing so many things right Paul and a huge congratulations to you.

    I know how difficult it is to turn off fully from something that you enjoy that also brings in the money. Balance in life is hard and there are different interpretations and needs from us and those around us.

    Keep up the great work and enjoy the rewards!

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