233 – How to start a cool little business and clean up, with Joe Drew of myBins.

233 – How to start a cool little business and clean up, with Joe Drew of myBins.

“Hey Mum, I’m gunna become a garbo!” That’s the start of a phone call today’s guest, Joe Drew of myBins, had to make when he decided to escape the corporate cubicle with his best mate Amos. History now has it that these two young blokes are now cleaning up (#DadJoke) around Sydney’s Northern Beaches. They’ve got plenty of work, have extended their service offering and are even looking to franchise. This is a wonderful of two young blokes having a crack, and making some very smart business and marketing decisions along the way.

During my fireside chat with Joe, you’ll discover:

  • The criteria Joe used to choose the myBins idea out of all the ideas he and Amos were tossing around
  • How to make pricing a non-issue
  • The power of a recurring revenue model
  • How to find the best SEO company to help you rank well
  • Why escaping the cubicle is a damn good thing (if you didn’t know already)!
  • How to get mass media coverage (I first saw Joe on Sunrise)
  • Plus plenty more marketing ideas

I also share some touching and insightful feedback from listener Tracy Hooper of The Confidence Project. It reminded me that gratitude is a wonderful thing, and that many of us (me included) could offer up more of it.

Yep, it’s another big show. Let’s get stuck right into episode 233 of Australia’s #1 marketing podcast. Go!


Episode Timeline


  • 00:39  Welcome and overview of today’s episode
  • 01:52  Checking in on your week
  • 07:16  A little sponsor love for Netregistry & 99Designs
  • 10:25  I let you know about some amazing upcoming guests
  • 11:38  I introduce today’s guest Joe Drew
  • 41:16  My top 4 learnings from my interview with Mark
  • 43:47  Motivational marketing quote of the week
  • 44:41  Wrap-up and insight into next week’s guest


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My Top 4 Marketing Tips from my chat with myBins Joe Drew:

  1. Have a business where price isn’t an issue; where it’s not a blockage to purchase. Joe’s $1 per bin is genius!
  2. Look for ways to have products or services that generate recurring revenue.
  3. Don’t avoid SEO. Just choose good people. Netregistry is a great SEO provider. Or do what Joe did and choose whoever appears at the top of Google’s organic search results.
  4. Oh, and if you haven’t already, the escape the cubicle and start a small business 😉


Inspirational Marketing Quote of the Week


 “The day of the go-getter has past. He has been replaced by the go-giver.”

Napoleon Hill


Over to you!

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21 thoughts on “233 – How to start a cool little business and clean up, with Joe Drew of myBins.”

  1. Loved this one Timbo! Great to hear a small business owner killing it with a great idea, solid hard work, and getting creative with their PR. I must say you left me wanting more. What I liked most was the story. I love the Start-Up story.

  2. Anthony Murphy

    Another great ‘ep’ Timbo sir! Loved the fact that this successful business is based on something as simple as moving and cleaning wheelie bins for people! Inspirational for anyone wanting to start a small business but not sure what to do. There are a million and one ideas out there, you just need to ‘solve a problem’!

  3. Anthony, problem solving is everything when you’re looking to start a business. I keep telling my teenage kids this as they whinge about not having enough money. “Solve a problem!” I say. Often! And added to this, a solution that involves saving people time … well, that’s gold, right there.

  4. Anthony Murphy

    Invaluable advice sir! I’m sure having a dad such as yourself, your kids will be building brands and businesses of their own in no time!

  5. Great episode. Love hearing stories of people who have come up with a plan before the business. The fact that they knew what they wanted the business to look like in regards to compounding income, low entrance cost etc is a great way to look at things. I’m currently in the corporate cubical, inspired by guys like this to GET OUT.

  6. Hi Timbo – unless I’m mistaken, did I hear that the guys had their website functional in less than a week? How did they achieve that?

    Great interview thank you


  7. Hi Matt, Amos and I both come from an IT background which made it easy for us to build our own website using HTML code in Dreamweaver. But since then their are lots of great online tools like WordPress and Weebly that allow you to work directly off templates with no code experience at all. Good luck!!!

  8. Do it Ian!! Get out while you can!!
    I recommend copying an existing business and doing it better, or thinking of something new. Like Tim said, solve a problem ?

  9. Not sure now. I just love the story and can always hear more. I know Joe is killing it, but his journey is not done. Keep us posted I guess.

  10. Fergus Tilt | Physio

    G’day Joe (& Timbo), Thank you for the interview. You mentioned how you found the SEO company you use. Are you able to say who it is? Cheers.

  11. I’ll ask Joe, Fergus. But what he did was Google SEO and chose who came up first organically. You could also consider Netregistry. Let’s see what Joe says.

  12. Fergus Tilt | Physio

    Thanks Tim. The first few I checked out were significantly more expensive. I appreciate you help. – Long time lurker.

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