256 – How to stay productive in business during a crisis

256 – How to stay productive in business during a crisis

Knowing how to stay productive in business during a crisis can be tough. Join Griffo and I in this episode of ‘Funny Business’ (poorly named, I’d have to say!) where we talk about how to cope when business is anything but funny.

I also tackle a question from a listener about my social media links, I share an amazing result a marketing coaching client of mine has achieved by placing a greater focus his marketing, I give you an update on what’s happening with all things outsourcing and there’s an inspiring marketing quote from none other than Martin Luther King.

Ready? Me too. Let’s do this.




00:30  Welcome & overview
02:23  Time for a check-in on the week
07:38  Insights in to 99Designs
08:44  Listener success
12:09  Insights in to Netregistry
13:14   Griffo & I talk not so Funny Business
32:09  My top 3 marketing learnings from my chat with Griffo
34:47  Motivational marketing quote of the week by Martin Luther King
35:10  Listener question about my social media links
37:56  Wrap-up and insights in to next week’s guests




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1.  Create an open, transparent workplace where employees know it’s OK to share.

2.  Look out for those around you – they may be in the middle of a crisis right now and not telling anyone.

3.  Reduce your expectations around your productivity during a crisis.





“If you can’t fly then run.

If you can’t run then walk.

If you can’t walk then crawl.

But whatever you do,

you must keep moving forward.”

Martin Luther King




What was your biggest marketing learning or ah-hahahha moment from this episode?

Leave your comment below.

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29 thoughts on “256 – How to stay productive in business during a crisis”

  1. Meilee Anderson

    The importance of emergency planning is often underestimated. Talking with your team about how to handle internal and external crisis is a valuable exercise. This episode focused on the personal side of a crisis. If you tackle this topic again Timbo and Griffo I’d like to hear it from the perspective of an external crisis in terms of tips on how to respond and stay productive to a crisis externally like a social media fiasco for example, data breach, etc. Do you suggest marketing like normal in a crisis? Do you suggest pressing pause until the headlines die down? Do you suggest a proactive new marketing effort in a business crisis?

  2. Anthony Murphy

    The point that I would like to make about this episode is that business is not always about ‘smelling the roses’ so to speak. Even though it wasn’t the ‘funniest’ Funny Business, I’m sure there are a lot of business owners out there, including myself, that are breathing a bit easier or feeling much more prepared for tackling a crisis should it come our way!
    Thanks for the great tips and ideas Timbo and AG! Cheers.

  3. Thanks for this episode, it was great. Just wondering… could you do a follow up on the trough of sorrow for businesses that have been active for less than a couple of years. That would be a great episode and a great help 🙂 P.S. Not in the trough of sorrow but want to be prepared if it indeed hits ^_^

  4. Thanks for this ep – big wake up call that I need to get things more automated and systematic so if I wasn’t able to come to work then life would go on! Cheers Kate from Naked Real Estate

  5. I really enjoyed this episode. I am also loving the 2 episodes a week Timbo. Keep em coming. I know that this was a more somber topic for a “Funny Business” episode, but it was something I hadn’t considered before. Isn’t it funny that crisis’ aren’t in the brochure for owning your own business. I am not putting systems in place to be able to step away from the business if I ever need too. Touch wood I never do, but its good to have it there. Thanks Timbo and Griffo

  6. Tracy Hooper

    Timbo. Thanks to you and Griffo for this important episode. No one is immune to a crisis. Thanks for sharing the tender memories over the loss of your dad and Griffo over the passing of his sister. I especially appreciate the idea of calling someone weekly to check-in. Texting is great that way, too. Business is really all about people, connections, relationships.

  7. mcutlerwelsh

    Well done for broaching this topic. Some great ideas in here. Sounds like key is to invest in strong relationships and a positive culture, before you need it.

  8. Agreed Matt. A bit of forward planning can go a long way to ensuring you and the business is in a good place if / when a crisis happens.

  9. Our pleasure, Daniel. Not the usual Funny Business topic, but an important one nonetheless. Probs should have called it Not So Funny Business ?

  10. Thanks for answering my question regarding not promoting your social media profiles prominently- totally understand, always put first things first, so I will give it a try if less facebook fans mean more actual business

  11. Correct Jorn. That’s a very smart way of looking at it. Social media already takes up too much of our precious time. Well … for some of us anyway!

  12. I’ll chat to Griffo about it, Terence. But in the meantime, if it ever shows itself, stare that trough in the face and tell it who’s da boss.

  13. You raise some great questions, Meilee. Although I reckon we’re going to have to rename these episodes ‘Not So Funny Business’!

  14. Hey Folks – sorry to be a bit late coming to the party re feedback around this episode. I’ve had so many people come up to me at events, email me and even call me to say congrats on a very important episode, I’m a little shocked but not surprised – this is a bit topic and it’s about time we all started talking more about these big topics. I would like to say is a big “onya Mate” to Tim for having the guts to talk about some of the harder topics in business and based on the feedback, we will be doing more of it. It would be easy to stay in the safe world of marketing, but I love and admire that Tim is brave enough to venture into deep waters. And if this is the type of thing you want more of, let us know and we will gladly do it. Now rest assured we won’t become Dr Phil and Oprah – you can work out who is who in this relationship, but we will address the big issues in a strong attempt to help you get through challenges in better shape. I love being a part of the show – Cheers Folks – Griffo

  15. Thanks Tracy – love the check in. Blimey, it got me through a tough time. Thanks for making the time to add to the conversation – cheers – Griffo

  16. Yep, I know that one Terence. For me in the early days (a flaming long time ago now) it was because I felt isolated and didn’t really know what was normal and was not – and it was tough. A big topic. Nice thought – cheers – Griffo

  17. Hey thanks Anthony. Great to meet you at KPI in Melbourne on Saturday – and thanks for adding positive feedback, encouragement and ideas. I hope you never have to face a crisis of any kind. Cheers Mate – Griffo.

  18. Very very interesting Meilee. I guess the advice depends on the crisis (I’ve had them all I reckon). I used to do a lot of public relations, specifically helping organisations through crisis of some sort – from a death at the workplace, to a key staff member being arrested, to very publish financial dramas. All are very challenging. I will discuss this with the brains trust (Tim) and the editorial content board (Tim) and the external advisory panel (Tim). Cheers – thanks for a great idea – Griffo

  19. Anthony Murphy

    The pleasure was all mine sir! Thanks for taking the time for a quick chat and hope your enjoyed your time in Melbourne! (I enjoyed your keynote the most but don’t tell the others!) Talk soon! Murph.

  20. I work everyday with people who need strategies and ideas to help them navigate these sorts of issues. There are so many ‘how to’ guides for businesses on planning, finance, marketing etc and it is enlightening to see some discussion on the emotional challenges that face us all – personally and in our businesses. It is my mission to help people recognise how powerful their mind can be when life deals you a brick bat. I would love to have occasional input into your show Timbo to give insights from the perspective of a Psychologist and as a business owner (we should even be able to make is a bit of fun!). Well done Timbo and Griffo for raising these issues.

  21. Really appreciated this one, good on you for opening up. I think what everyone wants these days is expertise/skill PLUS vulnerability. We can all follow your lead here

  22. Thanks Harriet. Vulnerability, honesty mixed with a dash of transparency makes things that much easier and real … for me, anyway 😉

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