SBBM #36: Discover how to save plenty with Google’s alternative to Microsoft Office.

SBBM #36: Discover how to save plenty with Google’s alternative to Microsoft Office.

Michael McKinnon Google AppsIn this jam-packed episode you’ll discover how Google is knocking on Microsoft’s door with their amazingly free and highly effective Google Apps product. Michael McKinnon, from AppsLife, tells us exactly how it’s revolutionizing the way us small business owners can access our email, calendar and all document types – spreadsheets, documents, slides, forms and drawings. If you’ve heard the phrase – living in the cloud – but don’t get it, then all that’s about to change.

Plus Tim’s passes comment on what’s happening on his marketing book bookshelf, Luke talks about two other podcasts that are much better than ours (!), we share some great feedback from a dedicated listener, another one offers a free helicopter flight to anyone in Brisbane who books in for our upcoming Intensive…oh, and Tim gets on his copy writing high horse again.

So, grab that pen and paper … sit down and strap in for the ride.

Show Links & Resources

Get Google Apps – Michael McKinnon’s Exclusive Offer.

Get your own internet TV series (6 x 4-5minute episodes for $1,995!) – An exclusive offer from Paul ‘The Burf’ Burfett….email him here. And here’s his website.

Spend two days with Tim – Small Business Big Marketing Intensive.

A free helicopter ride – For any Queenslander that attends the upcoming Intensive and mention AeroPower (a big thanks to Chopper Boy Mike Cullen).

Buy The 22 Immutable Laws Of Marketing – In our top 3 marketing books of all time.

Signature Clothing – Thanks Arn for your kind words.

Time Bridge – Scheduling meetings made easy.

SBBM Facebook – Will you be our fwend?

Sign up for our 52 free marketing ideas – delivered fresh weekly.

Buy Tim’s book – Cha-Ching! The sweet, sweet sound of small business marketing that works.

Flying Solo – Our partners in all things small and micro business.


3 thoughts on “SBBM #36: Discover how to save plenty with Google’s alternative to Microsoft Office.”

  1. Do you listen to your podcasts before you post them?

    I have found on the last couple the audio levels are all over the place.

    i.e. with this one in the car I am continually adjusting the volume in my car. The issue is the interview break ins are extremely loud than when back to the interview it’s quiet.

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