#120 How to use Pinterest to market your business.

#120 How to use Pinterest to market your business.

“Do we really need another social media channel?!” That was the premise I went in to this interview with.

“Yes we do!”, is my view following this chat … on the proviso that it’s easy to manage and provides a commercial return.

The guy who convinced me is Jason Miles – the co-author of the best-seller Pinterest Power, VP of advancement at Seattle’s Northwest University and co-founder (with is wife) 0f Liberty Jane Clothing – a six-figure online business successfully selling designs for doll’s clothes.

As the head marketer for Liberty Jane Clothing, Jason is successfully using Pinterest to drive traffic and rank highly on Google – and in my fireside chat with him, he shares exactly how he’s done it. Jason is also successfully using YouTube and Facebook to market his business, so our conversation naturally strayed in to those two channels as well.

In order to learn how to use Pinterest to market your business, the questions I asked included:

  1. What do you love about social media?
  2. Explain what Pinterest is and Why should I care?
  3. How does it work?
  4. Can you wrap some numbers around it? When did it start? User profile? Where are they? Who are they?
  5. Where does it fit amongst Twitter etc?
  6. What types of businesses is it suited to?
  7. What’s the secret to using it successfully?
  8. Step us through how you’re using it to grow your wife’s business? liberty jane clothing
  9. How could I use it for my show?

Think in Colour_Jason Miles_Pinterest_web

PLUS I put it out on the Small Business Big Marketing’s Facebook to find out what you wanted to ask. Your questions included:

  1. Is it more important just to be active on pinterest, or should you try to promote your own products? Khalana Gocken
  2. How can a service based small business benefit from Pinterest compared to an ecommerce biz? Bianca Board
  3. How best to use it to promote products? Gaz Midson
  4. I have a personal pinterest account, but have neglected it as Im unsure what its all about! I would love to know how it can beneficial to a service business Mac Smerdon
  5. Why do you think females have been so keen on the take up of Pinterest? Richard Hunniford
  6. How can manufacturing companies mainly in b2b utilise pinterest? Gavin Hodgins
  7. I’ve mentioned Pinterest to clients and the response is “what’s that?” or “nooo not another social networking site”. With Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, google plus, the people I talk to are overwhelmed with what’s out there, my question “what’s the benefits that Pinterest offers that differentiates it from other social networks?” Stuart Upward
  8. Finding stats on people who view your pins and other Pinterest reporting tools? Darryl De Abru
  9. How do you make sales from it? Jillian Bullock
  10. is it only suitable to businesses that are visual, such as fashion, art, photography etc? Simone Outeridge
  11. Is it good for SEO? Danial Archow
  12. How do you build a following? Davd Newgass

As a result of the interview with Jason, the Small Business Big Marketing show is now on Pinterest.

PLUS in this episode I give a big shout out to the guys at Key Person Of Influence and quietly mention the fact that I’m soon to open up the Small Business Big Marketing Forum.


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12 thoughts on “#120 How to use Pinterest to market your business.”

  1. How is this free?! Loved every second of it and so many fantastic Pinterest tips! Thanks again Tim… maybe sometime soon I’ll actually buy something from you 😉

  2. I’ve listened to this interview with Jason twice now, full of really good stuff. I liked the idea of really thinking about what your customer wants to see. Thanks

  3. Pinterest is the latest social media tool that you can use to market your business. Understanding to use Pinterest as a marketing tool can be very highly effective once you understand how to use it to its maximum potential.

  4. I had never used Pinterest until this podcast. Thanks for the “marketing gold” – great stuff

  5. I love using Pinterest and this has some great tips, my concern is that his actualy brand does not have many boards or followers, would love to know why?

  6. Absolutely loved this episode! Gold weight of information as it was only just last week that a customer asked why my business wasn’t on Pinterest. I could do no more than gulp & sweat profusely. Started a Pinterest account and having fun.

  7. Pinterest has been a little puzzling channel for me. I have not put in place a large strategic effort there for my personal profile, and still I receive fairly decent traffic from this channel, Interesting!!

  8. Armin Lewinski

    Hi, very interesting, we allways thought about pinterest but couldn’t get all the points, so now we have a lot better overview what and more important how we can use it. We just opened http://pinterest.com/pinsourceeu/ to get our products online and it makes a hole lot of sence to us, not so much about the word more about the picture and object and since our products are made individually to the design our customer wants we are looking forward to what will come 😉 Thanks a lot for the good job You do, a lot of inspiration You have here! Best regards from the other side of the earth, Armin

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