238 – How a little black dress lead this fellow to a very big idea.

238 – How a little black dress lead this fellow to a very big idea.

Picture this. You’re out at the clothes line hanging your wife’s little black dress, when suddenly you’re struck by an idea. No, not to put her dress on, but to add a hook to the peg. The next thing you know you’ve invented the Heg, and you’re producing 53,000,000 of them in your first full year.

That’s what happened to today’s guest, Scott Boocock, the inventor of Hegs (they’re pegs with hooks!).

Since taking his idea to a reality, launching Hegs in October 2013, he’s had a crazy 18-months:

  • He’s gone global
  • In his first two pitches to supermarket chains he got stocked in 1,400 outlets
  • He recently raised $380,000 on Shark Tank TV

Listen in and you’ll:

Yep, it’s another big show. Let’s get stuck right into Australia’s #1 marketing podcast.

Episode Timeline

  • 00:39  Welcome and overview of today’s episode
  • 01:57  Checking in on your week
  • 03:22  Online marketing tips from Netregistry
  • 04:19  I introduce today’s guest Scott Boocock of Hegs
  • 05:12  Interview with Scott Boocock
  • 29:22  My top 3 learnings from my interview with Scott
  • 31:02  Motivational marketing quote of the week
  • 31:16  Wrap-up and insight into next week’s guest

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My Top 3 Marketing Tips from my chat with Scott Boocock of Hegs:

  1. Don’t wait for everything to be perfect. There’ll never be the perfect time to pursue your dreams.
  2. Seek out mentors. That doesn’t mean having to go on Shark Tank; but do look for others who k, innovationnow a little more than you do and are willing to share their experiences.
  3. Get clear on your key messages – I love Scott’s repeating of his line “No more peg marks, sun marks or line marks>”

Inspirational Marketing Quote of the Week

“Marketing is telling the world you’re a rockstar. Helpful marketing is showing the world you are one.”

Robert Rose

Over to you!

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3 thoughts on “238 – How a little black dress lead this fellow to a very big idea.”

  1. This is a great story from someone from Adelaide (my home!). Scott do you think being based in Adelaide has given you access to an under utilised manufacturing (and therefore lower cost) base?

  2. Thanks Steve. Not sure we’ll get a response anytime soon. Here’s a text I just got from him : So sorry for delay. Crazy 48 hours. Shipment of hegs heading on Qantas plane today. ..! Minister and press in 1 hour. It was great and thank you for choosing me for your pod cast. I really appreciate it. Look forward to catching up soon. Will send photos of launch. Scotty

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