348 – Long time listener, Dr. Jonathan Brown, builds an empire by implementing marketing ideas from this show

348 – Long time listener, Dr. Jonathan Brown, builds an empire by implementing marketing ideas from this show

Today’s guest Dr. Jonathan Brown of CitySkin has been not only listening to this show for the past 3-years, but he’s also been implementing the ideas that caught his attention. The result? He’s built a business he loves, going from 3 clients a week to over 3,000 a year. He’s made marketing a hobby.

So how did Dr Brown come to be on this episode of Australia’s best marketing podcast? Check out the message I got from the good doctor via LinkedIn:

Hi Tim,

I have been listening to your podcast for the past 3 years and it has transformed my business. I have gone from being a full time GP to an award winning website designer and Director of Cityskin clinic (www.cityskin.com.au) – with a rather large turnover!

I have listened to your podcast and taken action. I have built the Cityskin website from scratch and now contains a PHD’s worth of information on all aspects of Cosmetic treatments. We are now seen by patients as trusted information providers. The website contains videos, interesting articles and easy to read guides to cosmetic treatments. This, combined with raving reviews, has meant that we are fully booked out week after week in 3 locations.

We were also delighted to have received an award for ‘Australasia’s Best Cosmetic Website 2016’ at the recent Cosmetic Industry awards in Sydney.

As a thank you I thought I’d send you a gift for all the hard work that you put into the podcast. It keeps me inspired every week so thank you. Here is a gift voucher that you can use for something nice to drink – I didn’t want a bottle to smash in the post!

If you ever want someone to talk first hand on the podcast about how your advice helped their business flourish then feel free to get in touch!

All the best, Dr. Jonathan Brown

How good is that!

Side note: this is a pretty great template to get yourself on podcasts. It hit’s all the right notes – flattery, bribery PLUS he didn’t forget the ask at the end.

So I called him.

Listen in as Dr Jonathan Brown walks us through his 7 key take-aways from The Small Business Big Marketing Show:

1. Don’t try and cheat Google.

A few years ago Google released it’s hummingbird algorithm update. Amit Singhal, a Senior VP at Google, said of the algorithm “Google simply asks that you create relevant, unique, helpful content on a regular basis”. That’s it!

2. Make it easy for people to do business with you

Cityskin clinic has its processes nailed. They use software called cliniko for their client bookings and there is a solid, automated follow up process in place so that customers can easily book in and book a follow up.

3. The power and potential of review sites to create trust

Dr Brown has a few complications with reviews as health practitioners cannot obtain testimonials by law. They can however ask for feedback. So if the good doctor can benefit from positive feedback surely you can too.

4. Know your limits

Dr Brown does WAY more of the grunt work than I usually recommend but that’s ok because he loves it! It’s a hobby. That being said he still knows his limitations. Design is not his strong suit so that’s all been outsourced. As have the phones and other business processes, either to a company or to technology.

5. Put a PHD of content on your website

There are over 80,000 words of content on the Cityskin clinic website. That is literally a PHD worth of material. They are also creating videos and are looking at other ways to create content. This positions them as the authority and guess what? Google (and their prospective clients) love them for it.

6. Know your customers

This is marketing 101. You need to understand who your customer is so you can market to them effectively. Cityskin’s client is generally a 40+ female. So the website and clinic colours are feminine and the design and tone is sophisticated.

7. Tap into the emotional side of your clients

Knowing who you customers are is not enough. You need to know them emotionally as well. Why are they looking for your product or service? How does it make them feel?

Also in this episode of Small Business Big Marketing…

I share another low cost marketing idea in What Have You Got To Lose?
Today’s idea will show you how to grow your influence within your industry by starting a LinkedIN Group.

And we go back into the show’s vault, revisiting a bit of a marketing hero of mine – Jay Baer, who explained why it’s so important to hug your haters and how to do it.

Notepad and pen at the ready, it’s another HUGE show. Let’s go.






00:00  Two marketing insights
01:18  Teaser
02:09  Welcome & overview
03:55  How to build your authority by building a LinkedIn group
06:46  Insights into Workplace Assured
08:26  Today’s guest introduction – Dr Jonathan Brown
11:00  Interview with Dr Jonathan Brown
58:35  Insights into Key Person of Influence
01:00:10  My Top 3 Attention Grabbers from my chat with Dr Jonathan Brown
01:32:35 Wrap-up and an insight in to both a past guest & next week’s guest





  1. Take action. I know that I have a lot of listeners to The Small Business Marketing Show but I don’t know how many action takers I have. Action is everything. What idea/s can you take and IMPLEMENT today?
  2. Turn the marketing of your business into a hobby. I’ve spoken about this many times before but it just works. Remove the fear by getting curious about your marketing. See what works and have fun with it. Remember that mistakes are just proof that you’re trying.
  3. Be helpful. This is the easiest and best way to come up with ideas for content. How can you be helpful? How can you put a PHD on your website. Check out my book The Boomerang Effect to learn how.





Dr Jonathan Brown’s official site – Cityskin Clinic

Here’s a list of ALL those resources mentioned in the show:

SourceBottle – A great site to get some free publicity.

Check out my interview with Source Bottle founder Rebecca Derrington in episode 28

Ideal offices – Phone answering services used by Cityskin

Cliniko – software used for online booking for the Cityskin clinics

Type form – beautiful form building software

Crazy egg – web traffic visualiser. To learn more about how and why to use this kind of software check my blog post on it.

Yoast SEO – the most popular SEO plugin

High Fidelity by Nick Hornby

How to build your authority by building a LinkedIn group

Interview with marketing legend Jay Baer on why and how you can hug your haters





Workplace Assured – Worry less about your employer obligations
Check out their FREE advice line for employers


Key Person of Influence – Become highly valued & highly paid
Grab a FREE hard or audio copy of their Amazon best-seller






What was your biggest marketing learning or ah-ha moment from this episode?

Leave your comment below.

My guest and I respond to each and every comment.


6 thoughts on “348 – Long time listener, Dr. Jonathan Brown, builds an empire by implementing marketing ideas from this show”

  1. DrJonathanBrown

    I find WOMO great for our business and have been using it for a few years now. Google reviews are ideal but hard to come by sometimes as people don’t want to leave their full name when reviewing a cosmetic business

  2. Danny Thompson

    Great episode! Really made me think about my content creation, or lack of it, and how google indexes websites.

  3. Thanks Danny – helpful content creation is everything. It makes the Internet a more interesting place and the big G (Google ;0) loves that and are more than happy to reward it.

  4. Great podcast, I listen all the time when driving and then check out the resources at home. Great value and presentation every time. Loved this episode so much I had to listen twice.

  5. Thanks Colin. Now that you’ve listened to this episode twice, you need to implement twice the ideas from it. OK?!

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