Challenging everything lead to creating Quiz Meisters, Australia’s leading pub trivia brand | #592

Challenging everything lead to creating Quiz Meisters, Australia’s leading pub trivia brand | #592

No matter what industry you’re in, challenge the way things get done, because more often than not, there’s always a better way. That’s certainly the experience of Steffan Van Lint, the founder of Quiz Meisters, one of Australia’s largest (and certainly most fun) pub trivia companies. It’s a trivial episode 591 of The (12 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.


A little more about Quiz Meister’s founder Steffan Van Lint …


Steffan Van Lint is the co-founder of Quiz Meisters and has worked in the pub trivia industry for longer than he hasn’t. 

Starting Quiz Meisters in 2004, he’s helped shape every aspect of the company, including entertainment production, customer experience, creative design and business development.

The way Steffan has gone about this is what makes this chat extremely useful for any business owner who’s itching to break-out of the same old routine.

So join me, as Steffan shares:

  • His approach to innovation
  • The four words that determine all his decision-making
  • His secrets to local area marketing
  • And how Quiz Meisters survived COVID given they depend on pubs to be opened in order to make a buck!

I started off in the most obvious of ways … by giving Steffan a taste of his own medicine!



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