Discover How TikTok Can Change The Direction of Your Business with Phillip Kuoch | #587

Discover How TikTok Can Change The Direction of Your Business with Phillip Kuoch | #587

Imagine not having to spend a single penny on marketing, and that translating into thousands of sales. Sounds impossible, right? Not with the right platform!  Tik Tok is the perfect avenue for every business to market its products and services. This platform is all the rage now to youngsters and even the boomers. In this episode, business owner and Tik Tok aficionado Phillip Kuoch talks all about Tik Tok and how it’s skyrocketed his business. He shares how much he had struggled amid the COVID-19 pandemic and how much more he’s striving now. Phillip also shares his secrets on how he creates his content on TikTok without spending a single dollar. If you want to learn how to gain organic traffic and see the best results through TikTok, then this episode is for you!

Here Are Three Reasons Why You Should Listen

  1. Learn how Phillip strived for success amid the pandemic
  2. Discover how TikTok can be a marketing platform for your business
  3. Find out how you can be your own brand’s influencer

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Episode Highlights

[3:00] Phillip Kuoch and Goldeluck’s

  • Phillip took over his family’s bakery when his father fell ill.
  • For an entire year, he studied full-time at uni while managing the bakery.
  • Goldeluck’s used to be a Melbourne-based bakery with two stores and one pop-up; now, it presents itself as a “dessert-gifting” company. 
  • Goldeluck’s has one of the largest followings on TikTok, with 780,000 followers and 20 million likes. 

[04:40] About The Penis and Breast-shaped Doughnuts

  • Phillip said that the product development of these doughnuts came from the dirty ideas on the internet.


Phillip: “People ask me what’s my claim to fame. Unfortunately, it’s penis doughnuts and breast doughnuts.”


[05:44] Goldeluck’s and COVID-19

  • Phillip says that COVID is a scary time because of the lockdown and nobody really knew anything about the virus when it first broke out.
  • He was stressed when shops had to close down because the family bakery would not have survived if they closed it too.
  • A year before COVID-19, Goldeluck’s put up an online store which became the business’ saving grace.

[06:50] On Setting Up the Online Store

  • Phillip said that setting up the online store was part of his grand plan to grow the business as much as possible.
  • He looked for ways to reach customers as fast as he could.
  • Goldeluck’s started its delivery and gift box services before COVID.
  • It was only during COVID that the business truly skyrocketed for him and his bakery.
  • The moment Phillip knew about the lockdown and what it meant, he decided to quadruple his budget for advertising.

[09:18] Pulling the Trigger

  • As a business owner, you must always think about every possible scenario. Before the lockdown, Phillip had already played several different scenarios in his head.
  • Phillip thought that since other countries’ bakeries were opening, bakeries in Australia would also open and continue to deliver baked goods. 
  • He is an ambitious person, specifically in the baking industry, because he entered the business without much knowledge. 
  • His naivety and a fresh pair of eyes made him more confident and brave in decision-making. 

[10:50] How Phillip Maintains his Naivety

  • Phillip maintains his naivety through his passion for his business.
  • What made him passionate was how he watched his business grow.
  • Passion for your business may be there, but to be genuinely passionate means you have to be passionate about what you do overall.
  • Before taking over the bakery, Phillip was always happy when customers left satisfied with their services or products.

[13:08] The Growth of Goldeluck’s

  • According to Phillip, the moment they added e-commerce to their business model and utilized TikTok as a platform, they were already on the path to becoming a multi-million business.
  • He says that he never imagined this kind of success when he started handling the bakery.
  • Goldeluck’s has 30 employees across all of its branches, and during the height of the lockdown, they delivered one gift box every 51 seconds all over Australia.

[15:35] How TikTok Works

  • TikTok is a short-form video-sharing platform ranging from 15-second to 3-minute videos. It only gives creators a few seconds to capture their audience’s attention; this opens up various creative ways to promote your business.
  • Phillip said that TikTok was an obvious choice of platform as it gained more traction, especially at the start of the pandemic.
  • He says that he was not aware of TikTok and, just one day, saw his cousins dancing and other kids using the platform.
  • Phillip spent three weeks scrolling on TikTok and couldn’t stop. He says it was his way to understand the platform and market research.


Phillip: “What’s special about TikTok [is] any brand, anyone of any size, can have a chance to go viral.”


[19:10] Goldeluck’s and Marketing on TikTok

  • According to Phillip, they had a very limited marketing budget when they started last year. Having organic traffic and viewership without paying anything was remarkable for their business.
  • With the first video they uploaded, they used a trending sound with a clip of his staff making the doughnut gift packs.
  • They immediately garnered 300-400 thousand views with 0 followers.
  • Understanding the TikTok algorithm is key in getting these kinds of statistics. 

[20:38] Understanding the TikTok Algorithm

  • Phillip strategized in the creation of his video by capturing the audience’s attention in the first three seconds with the use of the trending sound and combined it with the gift packs
  • Even less visually-appealing businesses can use TikTok to make their business work.
  • He advised his accountant to jump on TikTok and give accounting advice to get clients.
  • There is a fast-growing demographic of older generations on TikTok.
  • The goal of the platform is not to sell, but is a way to engage potential customers. He focuses on introducing his brand without being explicit about selling.

[24:07] Content Creation


Phillip: “People are so sick of just being sold to all the time.”

  • Majority of their content majorly consists of packing orders, funny messages from customers, and talking about the business. They answer questions and have weekly wrap-ups with the business.
  • TikTok’s algorithm enables creators and business owners to reach a wide organic audience, enabling creativity and liberty in content creation.
  • Before TikTok, Phillip hated public speaking. The streaming platform made him more confident in speaking and became his outlet.

[28:04] On Goldeluck’s Weekly Wrap-ups

  • Phillip takes 2-3 second snippets throughout the week and pastes them together.
  • He thinks of a story to tell in his posts. These can be stories about himself and need not be about what they did during the week.
  • He says that the most popular type of content they put out is more on packing their orders, getting 10 million views.

[30:29] On Effects, Sounds, and Hashtags

  • Some people overthink creating TikTok content.
  • Hashtags are very important on TikTok as it is an algorithm-driven platform. Picking hashtags that are relevant to your industry can be helpful.
  • You must realize that TikTok is a business as well, so if you keep people on the app they will reward you with more traffic.

[34:52] On How Phillip Integrates Social Media into His Daily Routine

  • Juggling a business, social media, and accounting is one of the hardest parts of the business.
  • Phillip sets time aside to do all of his editing in one day because he has other responsibilities.
  • TikTok is a very fast-paced app; Phillip suggests not creating content two weeks ahead because trends may change by the time of your posting.

[37:46] TikTok’s Impact on Goldeluck’s’ Sales

  • Phillip states that he takes note of the clicks they gain on other platforms through TikTok and how they translate to sales.
  • His TikTok gained almost 300,000 clicks last year.
  • Phillip often creates one video and repurposes it for other social media platforms.
  • Instead of overtly advertising, he hints at new products and brand placements.

[41:53] Phillip’s Views on Marketing

  • You have to reinvent yourself, especially on innovations that serve as marketing platforms.
  • Businesses must strive to become their own influencers as they are the most passionate and knowledgeable brands.
  • Phillip works very closely with TikTok and has recently led a seminar with McDonald’s.
  • He wants to focus more on e-commerce and launching his own chocolate brand in a few months.


About Tik Tok Master Phillip Kuoch

Philip Kuoch is a young and fresh business owner of Goldeluck’s bakery. Phillip took over the bakery in 2018 while he was still in uni when his father fell ill. Phillip studied marketing and journalism at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. With his knowledge and a fresh set of eyes, Philip has transformed their small family bakery into a full-fledged doughnut business. 

Even with a lack of know-how for baking, his passion was so overflowing that he entered Goldeluck’s into Australia’s National Baking Competition, garnering Bronze for Best Traditional Meat Pasties. Philip is currently finishing his Master’s degree in Data Science while running his bakery.

Connect with Phillip on Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok


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