[Update] Exactly How Black Hops Brewery’s Dan Norris Built a $65M brand in 6-years | #585

[Update] Exactly How Black Hops Brewery’s Dan Norris Built a $65M brand in 6-years | #585

Black Hops Brewery co-founder Dan Norris has had more business failures than he’d like to admit. Then one of his ideas hit pay dirt and was quickly snapped up by a large multinational. Instead of finding the closest hammock, he started a brewery. Six years on Black Hops is valued at $65M. It’s a thirst-crushing episode 585 of The (12 year-old, award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing podcast.


A little more about Black Hops Brewery Co-Founder Dan Norris …


Today’s special guest is Dan Norris, who first appeared on this show back in 2015 when he was a digital marketer who at one point was two weeks away from unemployment thanks to eight straight years of business failures.

Then he launched an idea that within two years did a million dollars in annual recurring income. No surprises it was quickly snapped up by GoDaddy. You’ll find a link to my first chat with Dan here.

Now, not one for lying down, he then co-founded Black Hops Brewery on the Gold Coast from his back yard with a couple of mates.

Seven years on, Black Hops is valued at $65M, did $15M in revenue last year, has 81 staff, three venues, they’ve won won every craft beer award known to man, plus, just last week broke a crowdfunding record for the craft beer industry raising $2.2m in 24-hours.

It’s a great story, and lucky for us, Dan’s the kind of fella who’s happy to share exactly how he and his mates have built their Black Hops empire. In fact, they blog, podcast and have even published a book sharing their secrets of success.

So pour yourself a cheeky glass of something and lean in, as he talks about some of the key moves that played a major part in getting Black Hops’ to where it is today.




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