eCommerce person of the year, Julie Mathers, on how she’s built a $15M empire in just 5-years | #488

eCommerce person of the year, Julie Mathers, on how she’s built a $15M empire in just 5-years | #488

Does the idea of building a profitable business that turns over $15M after just 5-years appeal? What about winning a swag of business and personal awards along the way? I thought it would. Well, Flora & Fauna’s Julie Mathers has done just that, and bacon has played no role whatsoever! It’s a very Vegan episode 488 of The (award-winning) Small Business Big Marketing Show thanks to American Express and my very own marketing book … The Boomerang Effect.


A little bit more about Flora & Fauna’s Julie Mathers …

Julie Mathers (with her hubby Tom) founded Flora & Fauna, the world’s largest self-funded, 100% vegan store just 5-years ago with a crystal clear vision to become the most responsible retailer possible, offering the world’s best customer service.


Well, she’s doing something right, as 5-years on, Flora & Fauna:

  • Stocks 6,500 products
  • Will turn-over $15M this year
  • And Julie was recently named #1 in the Online Retailing Industry Association’s Top 50 People in Australian eCommerce AS WELL AS their Business Person of the Year


Here’s why you’ll be better off after this chat:

  • You’ll discover how and why being a purpose-driven business grows your bottom line
  • How being ethical is also a solid growth strategy
  • How you can build a tribe of loyal customers who are with you for life
  • Why employing people with disabilities is good for business
  • And plenty more


I started off by asking Julie what it’s like to have grown such a successful business in such a short time, whilst doing a load of good for the planet ….




Here’s what caught my attention from my chat with Flora & Fauna’s Julie Mathers:

  1. I love how Julie’s so succinctly articulated her purpose as helping the world make kinder choices.
  2. I love how showing kindness and compassion has lead to Flora & Fauna having a very inclusive workplace.
  3. I love that she’s created her own house brand called Green & Kind.



Other resources mentioned in episode 488 of The Small Business Big Marketing Show:


This week’s Monster Prize Draw winner:

Dave Harrisson of Heavy Metal Merchant – an online store dedicated to providing best official heavy metal merchandise.



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  1. What grabbed your attention in this episode? Was it a marketing insight from Julie? Or maybe nws about the very special upcoming guest I have secured?

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