How do I know what SEO company is going to give me the best value for money?

How do I know what SEO company is going to give me the best value for money?

Thanks to Ben Minutoli for this great online marketing question. I trust the answer below provided by an online marketing expert at Netregistry brings you closer to getting your online marketing sorted!

Q: There are heaps of companies on the internet that say they can do SEO. Ranging from Sensis & Netregistry, to smaller advertising agencies to VA’s in India on $4 per hour. How do I pick the right one? And how do I know I am getting value for money?

A: Great question Ben.  Like yourself there are many other business owners who struggle to know what they should be looking for in an Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) company, as i’m sure you have found out every SEO company will promise you that they can get you to the number 1 spot on search engines – but be aware a company that guarantees a number 1 spot is lying.  Most SEO companies should be able to improve your rankings and get you on the first page, but this also depends on many other factors especially the industry you are in and the competitiveness of keywords.  Here are a few things you need to consider and ask when selecting to engage with an SEO company:

  1. What kind of changes will be implemented on your website? Does the SEO company follow white hat SEO tactics (that is completely follows search engine rules & policies) to ensure that your website does not get penalised for implementing strategies which aren’t ethical.
  2. How many hours a month will the SEO company spend on your website. For instance if an SEO company charges $50 per month, how much effort will the SEO company actually put in?
  3. Reputation of the SEO provider as a whole – Are there any bad reviews of the company?
  4. How does the SEO company rank on search results for their own website? If they cannot rank high themselves, how will they help you?
  5. Do not fall for false promises for 1st page guarantee ranking, since no company works with Google to actually commit such outcomes
  6. Request to see references from the SEO company of existing clients
  7. Ask the SEO company for a strategy document on how they will roll out the SEO for your website
  8. Clarify the time frame for seeing results
  9. How does the SEO company deliver updates? Do you get a Dedicated Account Manager or is it only email reports.

The above tips are a great starting point to ask all SEO companies that you are considering.  You will be able to compare the strategies and see what is the best fit for your business and whether or not they meet the objectives you want to achieve.

Netregistry provides a range of SEO services. If you would like to discuss your SEO needs further, please feel free to contact Netregistry on (02) 9934 0501 to speak to one of our consultants.

4 thoughts on “How do I know what SEO company is going to give me the best value for money?”

  1. Ben Minutoli

    Hey guys,

    Thanks heaps for answering this question for me. I wasn’t too sure if it would all a big sales pitch to use you guys or even if you would just ignore the question.

    But I love the fact that you have been honest and straight forward with a very down to earth and actionable answer. I really do appreciate it.

    Thanks again

  2. hahahaha, yeah Timbo I know that about Small Business Big Marketing, but I wasn’t sure if thes guys at Netregistery shared the same principles as you. Its good to see they do and you ahve picked a good sponsor.

    In fact, I am actually about to start looking for a new hosting providers and also setting up a few others things, so now that I know they are down to earth and straight forward I might actually use them to do everything for me. Having the webinar with Sam Shetty from Netregistery that you ran the other day in the forum sort of help sway me towards them as well. 🙂

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