A letter to my listeners #4 (Full of juicy marketing gems for small biz).

Hi there, my favourite listener …

You know, everywhere I look I see a marketing opportunity. This week, as I’ve travelled around Australia, has been no different.

Attention to detail gets nerdy.

Nerds At Work are to be congratulated on the way they present their brand. Just look at their car – a great name, well designed logo, simple messaging with strong call to action, nerdy car model selection and it’s clean! These guys are serious – in a nerdy, fun kind of way. They come across as a highly professional, approachable operation … I’d use them in a heart beat.

How could you improve the way you present your business to the world?

Up for a chat?

I opened my Deep Dive Mastermind this week. It’s a high performance marketing space for motivated small business owners who want a higher marketing ROI without spending a fortune.

Each Tuesday I’ll meet with 10 motivated business owners around a virtual boardroom table on a private group webinar. During this time your marketing challenges are resolved, performance is charted and wins are celebrated with the massive leverage that a small, focussed group brings.

If you’re interested then call me on 0412 487 900 and book a 10-minute Discovery Call to see if it’s for you.

Make it easy for prospects and increase the size of every sale.

I’m guessing this simple message on a simple sandwich board encourages more people to go in-store and buy more. The offer of free styling addresses a problem many people have when choosing clothes (my hand’s up!), plus once the customer is in front of the stylist, I’ve no doubt the stylist is trained / encouraged to up-sell and cross-sell.

What useful, free offer can you make to bring prospects in the door?

Two ripper fireside chats … and a free book.

My two most recent guests have shared marketing gold.

Valerie Khoo, author of the best-seller Power Stories, explains the 8 stories every business must tell in order to engage with its prospects. There also 10 copies of her book available for nix.

And Joshua Carl, winner of Startup Weekend Sydney, tells exactly how he started a business in 54-hours … from scratch!

Sunday, Monday Happy Days …

There’s a donut shop near my in-laws holiday house (Mmmm, donuts!) – walk in and it’s like being transported back to the 1950s. The prices are low, the service is homely and the donuts are as they hold be – warm and delicious. Whilst I didn’t grow up in the 50’s, my Happy Days research tells me it was an innocent and safe time.

How could you inject a little bit of the 50s in to your business?

Everyone is online, so get over it!

I saw this lady in the airport lounge today. Upon further investigation she was scooting around Facebook on her iPhone. If you’re one of those business owners who’s avoiding the plethora of online marketing opportunities with the mantra “My customers aren’t online!” then get over it. Everyone is online in some way, shape or form.  You are now officially being left behind.

I reckon that’ll do it for now. I hope business is going well.

Yours in marketing success …

Timbo Reid

Founder & host of Australia’s #1 marketing show.

P.S. Be sure to check out my Deep Dive Mastermind. It starts on December 4 and I only need 10 motivated small business owners.