Make 5 Phone Calls Per Day

Today’s idea is to make 5 phone calls to people that have the potential to help grow your business.

They could include:

  • Past clients – ring them and see what they’re up to
  • Current clients – ring them and ask for some honest feedback
  • Suppliers – Maybe it’s time to renegotiate your terms of business
  • Journalists – Identify those that show an interest in your industry

Now, this may take you outside your comfort zone. That’s OK, that’s where the magic happens.

And if you want a stretch goal, then aim for 10 calls.

So, block out 30-minutes in your diary for tomorrow (or today) – just not next week! And go for it.

If you action this idea, then please leave your feedback in the comments below.

Afterall, what have you got to lose?!

[What Have You Got To Lose? is a bite-size segment from my popular Small Business Big Marketing Show, in which I give you one simple yet effective marketing idea that you can implement immediately. An idea that won’t cost a fortune (if anything), and that might just generate you more awareness, more enquiry, and ultimately more sales.]


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