A letter to my listeners #3 …

G’Day Listener …

I write this from Adelaide Airport as I head home after a successful speaking engagement.

I love the whole speaking thing – there’s so much upside to it as a marketing strategy:

  1. It adds a revenue stream (some gigs pay, but for those that don’t then you usually have the opportunity to make an offer – so be sure you’ve got something that’s easy to buy).
  2. It positions you as an expert (rightly or wrongly ;0)
  3. It generates new clients (if your audience likes what they hear then you’ll always have a few people come up afterwards to ask how they can work with you).
  4. It generates other opportunities you can’t even plan for – more speaking gigs, media coverage to name two.
  5. It forces you to articulate your ideas.

I really encourage you to think about how you can integrate it in to promoting your business.

On other marketing matters, as I wander through the airport waiting for my flight a truckload of marketing insights and ideas came to my attention.

Stop confusing me.

Check the amount of headsets on offer – outrageous. How can you possibly choose which one to buy. The easiest decision is to not buy any. Or phone friend! Are you offering too many choices in your business? If you are, consider reducing them – test offering less for a few weeks and see what happens.


There’s nothing wrong with this Customer Service centre being closed. But I reckon it would have been nice to see a sign directing people to an alternative course of action … phone number, website, Facebook, Twitter? IS there somewhere in your business where you’re leaving customers high and dry? I see this a lot on websites where finding contact details is nigh impossible (funny word – nigh!).

Tell ’em how good you are.

If you don’t, no one else will. If you, someone within business or the business itself has won an award then don’t hide your success. Awards credentialise, they give you a competitive advantage and increase trust. There’s a reason I always start my show with “Welcome back listeners to Australia’s #1 ranking ….”

Tool Of The Week.

I do love my Moleskine notebooks, I carry one everywhere to capture ideas and thoughts. Old school, I know – Ialso use Evernote … but I do love the tactileness of Moleskines plus doodling is fun. How do you capture your ideas? You have ideas, right?

Fish where the fish are.

Now, I may be completely wrong here, and Blue Illusion may sell a bucketload of gear at Adelaide Airport. But I’m guessing the rent is steep and there’s only a small percentage of people who visit the airport and love the Blue Illusion look! I reckon BI will not be there this time next year. The marketing message here though is to place your business where the most hungry customers are – whether you’re choosing a retail location, deciding on where to advertise or which networking function to attend.

Don’t be cheap.

I will never buy luggage at full price. Why would I? No matter where I look, it’s always discounted. Are your customers waiting for your next sale before they buy? I hope not. Constant discounting can only ever end in tears. You’re better off adding value instead – maybe this luggage shop should forget the discounts and do a joint venture with another local business – say the Newsagent – to offer a free book voucher with every case sold?

OK, well my flight’s about to board and I’m on my way home to give the cheese and kisses and the billy lids a big hug (sorry oversea’s listeners, you’ll have to Google that ;0)

Finally, take a listen to this week’s episode – I have a fireside chat with Gordon Ryan who’s started a cocktail bar in the Hurse garage of a  former funeral home. Spooky stuff!

Until next time, happy marketing.

Timbo Reid

Host of Australia’s #1 marketing show!