Ready to get serious about your marketing?

Then get Timbo on your team
Spots are limited & it’s not for everyone

OK, I’ve decided to open up some coaching spots. Marketing Coaching specifically. So if you like the idea of having me on your team to help you push forward and create marketing that actually works, then I think you’re going to like what I’ve got in store.

Start by watching the 2-minute video below as I explain why I’m doing this …



Here’s how we’ll roll …

Twice a month we’ll spend up to an hour on Skype where you let me know where things are at with the marketing of you business, share any wins you’ve had, bounce around any ideas you’ve got and reveal any blockages that are stopping you moving forward with your marketing.

I’ll advise you what I think will work best for you, gives you some ideas you may not have considered and together we’ll put in place actions that will get you to where you need to be.

I’ll also share what’s worked for me, and introduce you to resources and people that I use to get the best job done.

In between calls you can email me with questions and ideas that you’d like an opinion on.

This is an honest, no bullshit partnership, not a talkfest, laser-focused on getting your marketing sorted, and growing your business accordingly.


What areas could we cover?

Anything to do with the dark art of marketing.

That could include branding, copywriting, public speaking, podcasting (oh yeah!), video marketing, social media, websites, local area marketing, message development, search engine optimisation, eBooks, one-percenters, referrals, sponsorship, customer service, email marketing, publicity, personal branding, advertising, outsourcing and networking.

We can even secretly discuss any limiting beliefs that are holding you back from being the best marketer you could be.

Importantly, this partnership is a non-judgmental space where no question is too silly. Unless of course you ask “Why do Corn Flakes go soggy in hot milk?” That’s silly ;0)


You’ll get the most out of working with me if:

1.  You’re a motivated business owner wanting to crank out highly effective marketing

2.  You want to make the marketing of you business a hobby. Something that you love to do and can commit to making it exceptional

3.  You’re a self-starter and action-taker (I’m your marketing coach, not accountability coach, psychologist or baby-sitter)

4.  You’ve got an established business

5.  You’re a service provider like me (whilst I’m open to working with you if you sell products, services marketing is what I do best)

6.  You’re not viewing this as a last ditch effort to keep your doors open


How muchie?

$2,000 (ex GST) per month, paid in advance of our first session each month.

No lock in contracts, you can leave when you feel you can walk this marketing path alone.


Righto, I’m in. What next?

Email me HERE with the best number to call you on
(Select I’d like to be coached by Timbo)

I’ll call you within 24-hours for a quick chat so you can ask me any questions that aren’t answered above or below, and we can both be sure it’s a match made in Heaven.

Then, if we’re good to go, we’ll schedule our first two calls and I’ll send you an invoice for your first month.

At that point, get excited, your marketing is about to get a whole lot better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are you doing this?
A. Watch the above video.

Q. Why aren’t you charging more?
A. I will one day. Right now, I feel $2,000 (ex GST) is a fair investment.

Q. Do I have to be in Australia?
A. Nope.

Q. Do I pay GST if I’m outside of Australia?
A. No. You pay $2,000 / month.

Q. Is this tax deductible?
A. I’m no accountant, but if I were a betting man I‘d say “Hell yeah!” Ask your accountant.

Q. What days of the week are you available?
A. Monday to Friday between 7:00AM – 3:00PM AEST (Melbourne, Australia) but I can be flexible when needed.

Q. Do we have to talk on Skype?
A. Preferably, that way we can eyeball each other, but you can call me on your moby.

Q. Can I record our sessions?
A. Sure can, if we’re on Skype. That way you can refer back later.

Q. Does each call have to be an hour?
A. Nup. Shorter the better. This is about taking action. Think quality not quantity.

Q. Are you going to use tech talk and acronyms?
A. As if! This is about demystifying the dark art of marketing.

Q. What if I have to reschedule a call?
A. No worries. Just do it with more than 24-hours notice. Otherwise you lose it.

Q. How often can I email you in between calls?
A. No set amount. Just be reasonable.

Q. How quickly will you respond to my emails?
A. Maybe ridiculously quickly. Maybe not. Always within 24-hours.

Q. How long is my commitment?
A. Monthly. No lock in contracts. You can bow out at anytime.

Q. Why do Corn Flakes go soggy in hot milk?
A. Really?!

Q. Can we discuss other areas of my business?
A. Sure, but I can’t promise to be as knowledgeable about bookkeeping or recruitment.

Q. Do I have to agree with every word you say?
A. No way. That’d be boring. I love a rigorous marketing discussion.

Q. Are you going to ask me to buy other things from you?
A. Nope.

Q. Can I have someone else sit in on our calls?
A. Preferably not. It’s you I want to establish the rapport with. Much more effective that way.

Q. Can we meet face-to-face?
A. Yes, over Skype video 😉


Thanks for getting this far. If you’re still keen as mustard, then …

Email me HERE with the best number to call you on
(Select I’d like to be coached by Timbo)

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