How to use transparency as a marketing strategy.

How to use transparency as a marketing strategy.

Find out how Daniel Perry from Handyman Startup uses transparency as a marketing strategy to grow his business and how content marketing and podcasting has helped other tradies with their businesses.

This week I also answer a question from James requesting a marketing checklist to help him get started with his new food distribution business; I give you an update on the Thankyou water brand; and I discuss an email I received from a not-so-happy camper. Then I share some great feedback from a listener who is not a business owner or entrepreneur, but listens to the show to stay current in the marketing arena and for inspiration.

Listen up as I talk with Daniel about his business strategy and why he got started as a handyman with his own blog … here is what we discuss:

  • How narrowing in on a niche has provided more specific and valuable information for customers.
  • Why transparency seems to be working as a business strategy that brings in customers.
  • How looking at your business objectively helps you determine what your business needs.
  • How measuring and evaluating business activities leads to a better understanding of your business.
  • Why assessing what is working with your marketing and what you are wasting money on is important.
  • How to determine what is driving sales and where to focus your attention.
  • Why a ‘how to’ section has provided value for his niche.
  • The option of alternative revenue streams and what you can introduce beyond your services.
  • How to make better use of your sales funnel and some strategies for bringing people deeper into the shaft.
  • Why content marketing, podcasting, and internet marketing is working even for traditional businesses like trade services.
  • Plus I help Daniel with an idea for packaging an existing product to make it easier for customers to buy.

Stay tuned as I switch to soapbox mode to have a whinge about my experience with purchasing the new iPhone 5s and what I think could have been done better.

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2 thoughts on “How to use transparency as a marketing strategy.”

  1. Steve Rutherford

    Timbo, such a great interview with this cool guy. Quick question if ok?…Dan mentioned Google Voice, have you ever used it?

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