Mr. Inspirational has his granny to thank for his success! Join me for my most inspiring fireside chat yet.

Mr. Inspirational has his granny to thank for his success! Join me for my most inspiring fireside chat yet.

From the importance to having a smart granny to how to break through business blockages, to the power of systems, to what to do when the chips are down (really down), to the importance of continual self-improvement, to cold-calling tips. They’re just some of the marketing mysteries uncovered in this episode of The Small Business Big Marketing Show.

My guest today is David Warne – Founder and owner of Sydney Tall Ships.

David is one of (if not the) most inspirational guest I’ve had on the show so far.

We start off by talking about how he built a highly successful spit roast business in Sydney, which six years ago, enabled him to buy his first tall ship. Yep, tall ship! It was then that Sydney Tall Ships was born … that todays is a multi-million dollar iconic business.

But it wasn’t all plain sailing. (Excuse the pun ;0)

The banks wouldn’t touch him and at one point in his first year, David was searching behind his sofa for a few coins to pay for a night out with his beautiful wife, Allison!

Here’s just some of the marketing gold we cover:

  • The importance of systems in building a successful business.
  • How an $80,000 ad in the Yellow Pages saved the day (yep, the Yellow Pages!).
  • How to break through any blockage you have in your business.
  • How to create an unforgettable customer experience without spending a fortune.
  • The importance of taking risks.
  • How to utilise personal development to be the best you can be.
  • How to view money.
  • A great tip for starting your day off well.


Episode 157 of Australia’s no. 1 marketing show. Listen in. If you’re ready to be inspired, I mean, really inspired.

Welcome to the Small Business, Big Marketing, showing ways successful small business owners share their secrets to take your marketing to the next level. Now here’s your host, Tim Reid.

Good day everyone and welcome back to another episode of the Small Business, Big marketing show. I’m your host, Timbo Reid, but you, you so much more importantly, are a very motivated small business owner just wanting to grow their business through some really smart marketing. I reckon, that’s fair.

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Timbo Reid
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4 thoughts on “Mr. Inspirational has his granny to thank for his success! Join me for my most inspiring fireside chat yet.”

  1. That was brilliant. I have listened to Tony Robbins for a long time and it is great to listen to someone who adopts his teachings and has succeeded. And is an Aussie. David knows no boundaries. Gotta go and get my business happening. Always gold. Cheers Tim

  2. Maybe David can introduce you to Tony! It was interesting to hear his low point and the faith he had in his business….but saying that some people throw good money after bad – keep trying is not always the answer….

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