How to use cold calling to make money.

How to use cold calling to make money.

Cold calling freaks out many small business owners. But done correctly, it’s a great marketing strategy to help generate more enquiry and sales. This week I talk with Jenny Cartwright, cold calling & telesales expert from Telesales Training and we come up with answers to your most pressing cold calling questions. Are you ready to discover how to use cold calling to grow your business?!

During my fireside chat, Jenny answers questions from Small Business Big Marketing Forum members that will help you to gain a better understanding of the benefits of cold calling and how to get the results you deserve:

  • How to get the edge over your competitors, who don’t use the phone, to connect with potential customers.
  • How to arm yourself with information to get the answer you want from the decision maker.
  • Why cold calling can help you create more leads and who you should be calling.
  • How to get past the ‘gate keeper’ (Dobermans).
  • How you overcome the mindset of ‘fear’ to make a call.
  • Why following up with a phone call makes a difference to the conversion.
  • Some great opening lines and how to get more information from the prospect.
  • Phrases and habits that are ‘call killers’.
  • What’s the target conversion rate for cold and follow up calls?
  • 3 ways to get referrals.
  • Outsourcing the role of telemarketer.
  • How to build rapport.
  • How to change a cold call into a warm call.
  • When not to cold call.
  • How to deal with ‘fob offs’.
  • Top 3 closing statements that get results.
  • How to overcome objections.
  • What is 75% more important than anything else on the call.
  • Why outsourcing is not the best option and what to do about it.


Plus I answer a listener question from Dr Gemma, a Clinical Psychologist, who asks about marketing a service business. I recommend a list of different strategies to help with services marketing and refer to some past guest podcasts that may assist – Andrew Mattner; Charles Badenach; Tristan White; and Daniel Archow.

I also discuss feedback I received from small business owners who previously struggled and are now getting great results. Zoran of talks about how he related to last week’s episode with Dave Warne, Sydney Tall Ships and how the show has helped and motivated him to grow a strong, successful business.

One last thing, last week I sent out an email about a new Content Marketing Accelerator Program, the program has now been delayed due to the upcoming festive season, however, I am considering setting up a content marketing strategy webinar before the end of the year to answer your questions.

Next week we discuss ‘how to add additional revenue streams’, so if you are looking for strategies to make more money then you won’t want to miss it.

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Timbo Reid – Marketing Speaker
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3 thoughts on “How to use cold calling to make money.”

  1. I thought would share some interesting statistics on number of calls to close a sale:

    * 2% close on the 1st call
    * 3% close on the 2nd call
    * 4% close on the 3rd call
    * 10% close on the 4th call
    * 81% close on the 5th call

    Who would have thought that 81% of the sales were closed by the fifth call!

    Most people think “I don’t want to come across too pushy” now you need to stop those thoughts and get into the mindset that you truly believe that your prospect needs your product or services and that they will benefit from it greatly and immensely, it’s your moral obligation to do everything in your power to share with your prospect how you can help them.

    Another successful strategy I’ve found to bypass gate keepers and get to the decision makers is by harnessing the power of LinkedIn. Searching and researching potential prospects on the platform, cuts out the “cold” calling all together. Make sure you plan your strategy before anything and remember don’t sell straight up, people hate being sold to. Though a more effective way is to educate your prospect on your product or service with market data, market data is way more motivational than your service or product by itself.

    More than anythin, add value to your prospects, heck the least you can do is give them is something that’s has a perceived value.

    To small business owners success!

    Great podcast guy’s, keep them coming.

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