How to create another revenue stream in your business.

How to create another revenue stream in your business.

Would you like to know how to create another revenue stream in your business? The Internet may well be your answer. Listen in as martial arts champ Daniel Faggella shares how he closed his Rhode Island gym and in favour of creating online tutorials; the income from which surpassed that of his brick and mortar business in just 15-months!

Daniel sold his brick and mortar business after his online tutorials (found at Science of Skill) surpassed the business income within just 15-months. In this fireside chat, Daniel and I discussed how to create additional revenue streams using your skills, expertise, and know-how. Here’s what we covered:

  • Setting up a membership platform that brings in monthly recurring income.
  • How to find what to write about.
  • How to decide on what you should teach.
  • Determining your core offer and your mission.
  • Tricks to grab attention that will attract subscribers.
  • What program you can use to create content that is dripped out to customers, has a recurring payment system built in, sends out automated emails, and tracks your campaigns.
  • Why partnering up with someone can lead to more sales.
  • Why a  simple sales funnel is best.
  • How to use your credibility to generate additional revenue.
  • What steps to take to gain more credibility.


Plus, I answer a listener question from Jess who was very unhappy with the service from a store. I offer some advice on how and why to offer constructive feedback and receive feedback as well. Listener Lee fromI Wood Like shares some wonderful feedback on what marketing strategies were implemented that turned the business from fading to flying.

There is an update from Daniel Flynn – Thankyou brand and this one is very exciting. Listen to past episodes ( #136 and #147) to listen to the inspiring chats with Daniel and how he has managed to get his Thankyou brand into Australia’s two biggest supermarkets.

Also, the forum is going off and we are having some great discussions around inbox relief and how to get on top of it; plus there is some additional cold calling training with the top 10 musts for cold calling.

Join me in the Small Business Big Marketing Forum where there is plenty going on around podcasting, marketing training, and much more. We also now have the Winners’ Circle, where business owners can share their wins, so join us for a discussion. Become a Member here.

Daniel Fagella Interview Transcription

Episode 160 of Australia’s # 1 marketing show. We are talking about how to give feedback and receive it, a listener shares an amazing business outcome, and then we get kung fu fighting, well sort of kung fu fighting.

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4 thoughts on “How to create another revenue stream in your business.”

  1. Tristan Lovell

    Another brilliant podcast Timbo. I have been sniffing around Infusionsoft for a while and it is great to hear someone really squeezing max value out of it with awesome results. Will work it into my cunning plan.

  2. Pricing Prophets

    How anti-climatic to discover that the IWoodLike website is in pre-launch, and there’s next to nothing there.

  3. Maybe an interview with someone using infusionsoft – it really sounds like he knew what he was doing with respect to marketing – what he did was irrelevant. To build up 20 000 list in a year is amazing.

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