How to turn a passion into a business.

How to turn a passion into a business.

Bali-based Sam Stevenson of Pared Handmade Eyewear talks about how she turned her passion into a successful business. In only one year Sam’s unique product and drive has thrown her into a flooded market where she has been able to create a quality, designer brand of sunglasses that she hopes celebrities and fashion icons will be wearing all over the world. Sam talks about:

  • Getting attention in a crowded marketplace.
  • Staying focused when working in an area where there are lots of distractions.
  • The importance of packaging & printing.
  • Things to consider when working with companies located overseas.
  • Outsourcing and how it is helping the business to move forward.
  • Getting around the fake/cheap brand issues.
  • Creating an experience for the customer.
  • Why you should treat an online order as a special customer.
  • What differences you can make when entering a crowded market.
  • What sets her brand apart from similar brands.
  • How office location can save money.

Special Offer on Pared Sunnies

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Listener questions

  • Denna asks how she can get the small business owner to understand why a marketing strategy is so important. I offer my tips on helping the client to be more receptive by asking a series of questions that will help determine the steps needed for a marketing action plan.
  • Alex Messini wants to shed the corporate shackles and asks about how to turn a passion into a business, so I give some advice on how to determine what your dream looks like and the steps you need to get there. I also suggest some questions to ask to determine blockages.

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2 thoughts on “How to turn a passion into a business.”

  1. When I listened to the podcast – I thought you were saying PAIR (as in a couple) – no luck finding the glasses – then I looked for PEAR – again no luck. I have never heard of the term PARED – maybe the other terms should be built into your SEO? Also it was great to hear about business run by an Australian in another country – really interesting.

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